Alonzo Edmundo

Alonzo Edmundo co-founder and COO of Clarity Creative Institute, a digital literacy organization, specializing in educational consulting, multi-media presentations, professional development, student engagement, parent involvement, social media strategies and digital citizenship advocacy. A graduate from Tuskegee University, Mr. Edmundo has over 12 years of experience working with educators, students, parents and community leaders understanding the impact and influence of 21st Century technology. Mr. Edmundo organizes and develops common core-aligned tips, tools and techniques for teachers, administrators, counselors, students and parents to leverage social media and technology for further competency in 21st Century learning and innovation skills through Professional Development for Educators, Student Engagement Workshops and Parent Involvement Workshops.

In addition, Alonzo’s TECH21 Team provides one-to-one professional development sessions for educators, who will learn ways to cultivate and incorporate technology-based learning methods in the classroom. Mr. Edmundo’s organization Clarity Creative Institute specializes in assisting nonprofit organizations in developing contemporary marketing campaigns, as well as educating these organizations on today’s digital media technologies. Clarity Creative Institute highlights essential 21st Century engagement that is necessary to effectively reach new clients, increase online and offline donations and provide a relevant resource for the community.

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