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Another round
A superb film that permits you to discuss complex and sad topics without unnecessary tragedy (and this could cause the conversation between viewer plus the film a lot easier), permitting you to live the drama over the prism of any joke. This film is amazingly funny in places (which is definitely worth the inserts with drinking politicians), in places extremely sad, however it practically isn't going to leave the viewer indifferent for almost a quick; It is breathtaking to swing during this emotional swing. We watched Druk new movie on free online without registration.

Nearly every report on this film begins using the words "this is the story four friends who work as teachers inside of a school." I can't retell what everyone could read many times themselves within the description on the film, Let me only say this is actually a story about all friends, each of them is a full-fledged and interesting character, as well as merit within this, not surprisingly, isn't just the scriptwriter, but the brilliant work of the actors (although, naturally, more attention is paid to your drama with the hero Mads Mikkelsen; he got, it appears to be, the roughest hero, who is character and behavior it is actually immensely exciting to understand).

It would appear that the eye to alcohol problems on this film is sort of exaggerated. How's that for a film about stagnation in your life (which is merely masterfully depicted at the start of the film, making sure that some viewers even found this perhaps the picture somewhat boring) and overcoming it, okay oneself young, energetic, bright and cheerful. This theme (the theme of'youth') is determined by the very first shots - shots on the rampant alcoholic race, which Thomas Winterberg remarkably connects with the chief plot of the film. Using some strange way, use of youth and the experience of youth in this film lies precisely through alcohol: greater teachers drink, the more effective they understand their students, a lot more intriquing, notable and alive they see them, the greater they themselves become alive. This might be partly due to the director's Danish tolerance to alcohol and its consumption (in moderation). Obviously, this really is, in principle, not alter the give colors to life, but to self-confidence, even so the most accessible method for our heroes.

This'youthfulness'can be backed up by the soundtrack (the music in this particular film can be a separate topic of conversation, it's extraordinary, appropriate in all scenes, often has a special meaning and variety: we will hear both a capella performance and contemporary pop music). It's fascinating how modern music a 50-year-old director can include in his film for the minute. He could be just for a passing fancy wavelength with teenagers (and this applies not just to music, but also to portraying young people who have little judgment, plus the wonderful acting of young actors).

I ran across the pathos of rebirth in this particular film insanely attractive. Select coincidence that this film ends by using a graduation - this can be both the beginning as well as end: the end of school life, a sluggish start a fresh, adult life. And it also is certainly a holiday! This bitterly festive mood just shows through during the last scenes (and the last scene in the film is simply impeccable; Mikkelsen dancing into a youth song leaves a deep impression, and also the ending is great), this difficult film definitely ends with a life-affirming note. The youth in the soul has returned - you may live on.

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