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Everything you need to know about SnapTube - the best video downloader for Android

If you regularly watch new videos on YouTube or listen to new music, you need to download and install Snaptube. It is not available in the Google Play Store, but you can download the Snaptube apk file and install it manually. This will give you the opportunity to download free videos so you can watch them later.

SnapTube app allows you to download any video from YouTube and other popular sites in any resolution. You can download any number of clips, movies, and music for free so you can watch and listen later without connecting to the Internet.

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Function summary

The whole app contains a large number of search options; you can see 11 categories on the main screen. You can also view other popular videos and see the highlights of the day

It is very easy to use. Search through the directory or just enter the artist’s name and song’s title. When you find what you need, you can start playing videos or downloading videos directly into the program.

You can select the quality of your downloaded videos to ensure there is enough space in your device. Of course, you can download only audios if you want to listen to songs from the album.

In addition to all the download options above, you can manage the download channel in SnapTube YouTube Downloader HD. It is convenient for you to import video and play it smoothly.

SnapTube possesses essential functions the same as any other typical media downloader. The user will select the category or type of a particular video in the search field. Once the results are displayed, you will be able to choose the desired one. Videos can be played immediately or downloaded to a specific location. Like YouTube, you can personalize your channel and even customize its appearance.

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Recent updates

Snaptube Video has been improved to increase its versatility. Now customers can download videos from Facebook as well as from Instagram. They can be stored in the same way as described above. Another huge advantage is that this software is absolutely free to download and install. So visit our store to get Snaptube apk latest version.


General installation and using issues

Q: Why can’t I find SnapTube on Google Play Store?

Google Play does not allow apps to download YouTube videos.

Q: Can Snaptube downloader run on IOS?

Snaptube is currently only available on Android phones and tablets.

Q: How to download videos?

After browsing the video, you want to download, click on the video page, then click the red download button in the lower right corner, select the resolution and format in the window that appears and the download will begin.

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Download music and videos from YouTube

Q: When you choose to download Mp3, will you download music directly or will you download the video file and convert to MP3?

Download YouTube music files and Snaptube will automatically convert your music files to MP3 format.

Q: How to speed up the Snaptube youtube download?

If you want to speed up the download of your video, you can set "Maximum download volume" to 1 in "Settings" to pause other downloads. Or try disabling "Quick Download Mode," which is only valid for some network providers.

Q: How do I download more than two videos at a time?

You can set Max Downloads to any number from 1-10 in Settings.

Download videos from a non-YouTube site

Q: How do I download a Facebook video?

Click on Facebook on the Snaptube homepage and sign in with your Facebook account. Once you have the video on your timeline, group, and page, you can see the white download button in the upper left corner of the video and click the button to start the download.

Q: How do I download videos and photos from Instagram?

The first step is to find the video or image you want to download in the Instagram app, click the "More" button in the lower right corner of the photo.

Next, click "Copy URL."

Finally, go back to Snaptube, Snaptube will automatically open the URL. Click the download button and start Snaptube download for android.

Q: What should I do when I see "Can not get video information"?

The network connection between you and internet provider might be unstable. Please try again later.

Q: Why did the download Snaptube video fail?

The download will sometimes stop due to network instability or weak signal, Snaptube will automatically retry, but if network problems persist, the download will stop, then you will have to continue to download manually.

Q: Why do I have to wait a while to download a large file?

Snaptube takes some time to prepare for downloading large files, so by selecting to download to an SD card, you will save your own time.

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How to save a file, delete history

Q: How do I download a file to my SD card in?

Go to Settings, click Downloads, select phone or extSdCard, choose an existing folder or create a new folder, and click Yes. If you do not see the "extSdCard" option, please send this issue to Snaptube.

Q: How do I clear my search and download history?

Click the search box and then slide down. You will see "Search History" and click the "Trash" button to delete it.

Go to "My Videos," "Download," click "..." after and select "Delete History." If you want to delete a file, select "Delete file."

Q: How do I get to the source page of a downloaded video?

Go to "My Videos," "Downloaded," click the downloaded file, and select "Visit site."

Share the downloaded file or APK

Q: How do I share a downloaded file?

Go to "My Videos," "Downloaded," click "..." after the video, select "Share," then choose a file transfer program or cloud storage program (ShareIt, Dropbox, etc.) to share or transfer files.

Q: How to share Snaptube app?

Open the app and click the "Share" button in the bottom center to share your APK with your friends.

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In conclusion

We believe that we have already proven that Snaptube app android is a worthy downloader. Then what is your excuse not to download this amazing app?

If you liked the article, share it with your friends so that they can also download and use this app and listen to their favorite songs and watch their favorite videos for free without being connected to the Internet.

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