Get Your FREE publisher key for WordPress Plugin

If you already have a publisher key, to retrieve it.


Why do I need a publisher key?
A publisher key is required to use the WordPress Listly plugin.

Do I need a publisher key if I only use the Javascript code to embed Listly lists?
No, you don't need a publisher key to just use the Javascript code, but we still recommend that you get one. Having a publisher key has many benefits, including detailed analytics on all embeds tied to a publisher key.

How do I add the publisher key to my embeds?
When you grab the embed code for a list, we automatically customize it with your publisher key. Once you install the Listly WordPress plugin and activate it with your publisher key, we automatically track all your embeds for you.

Do you have a quick tutorial on how to customize and embed a Listly list?
Yes, we do. Take a look at this video. We will be adding more soon.