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I am a Chef and I have worked as an Executive Chef in several Restaurants across the world. Food critics all over the world have appreciated my work through their websites and magazines. Four years back, I had to relocate to Dubai, with my family, for personal reasons.

Three years ago, the Authorities refused permission to establish my Restaurant business in Dubai. The rejection was because some of the documentation and licenses were not in place. My friend, Neil, runs an Italian-food Restaurant in a thriving neighborhood of Dubai. The Italian Restaurant is very successful and is a busy place around the year. Neil offered me the job of the Executive Chef at his Restaurant, and I worked there for two years. I was a very successful and popular Chef, and Neil’s Italian Restaurant did great business since I joined the team. The local News Channel ran a story on Neil’s Restaurant last year, and they also telecast my interview as a part of that story. I enjoyed my time to work as an Executive Chef at Neil’s Restaurant, and my cooking has also become very popular in certain neighbourhoods of Dubai.

But I never really gave up on my desire to start my Restaurant. Six months ago, I contacted James Swallow and PRO Partner Group to help me with the establishment of my Restaurant Business in Dubai. I explained my Business Registration History from three years ago to James Swallow and his team. The PRO Partner Team studied my case in great detail. Business Rejection is a complex issue, and the Team made the necessary inquiries about my situation. My business case was still available in the records of the concerned Authorities. Reopening the case is not a standard procedure, but James Swallow contacted all the relevant authorities and helped me resolve the problems and issues with my Business Registration Procedure. The PRO Partner Team helped facilitate the Business Registration and Business Launch Process for my Restaurant. Two months ago, I successfully launched my Restaurant in an affluent neighborhood of Dubai. I am grateful to James Swallow and the PRO Partner Group for their help with my Restaurant Launch Process.

So if you have problems with registering and launching your New Business in Dubai, please doon hesitate to contact James Swallow and PRO Partner Group. James Swallow website

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