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'To be considered a little drunk'- to get to this aerobatics, not to ever fall.
Four friends-teachers, throughout the celebration on the 40th anniversary of one too, think that the life lacks the former spark, and everyday living has become completely gray. Having chose to implement the blueprint, following instance of Ernest Hemingway, that all people from birth lacks half a ppm of alcohol in your system for just a happy life. The next day, they plan to test this theory using clear rules (drinking only during working hours) and recording the results. I watched new Druk movie on free.

The initial half of the film (devoted to alcohol) contains enough funny moments, thanks that the comedy is performed here. A unique feature may be the insertion of frames with the documentary chronicle, which shows the lack of alcohol from the blood of politicians: Sarkozy, Brezhnev, Yeltsin, Clinton, Angela Merkel with a large mug. Nevertheless the further into your forest, the darker the light. Easy maintenance of half a ppm (0.05%) alcohol, which offers a positive effect, is replaced using a aspire to boost the dose, and very soon make it to the maximum. Here, the drama using its tragedy actually starts to manifest itself.

Normally, the film is not as much about alcohol, but more an existential crisis, which would not count on either location (country of residence) or anything else. It absorbs somebody in a manner that he does not even realize / would not understand. Four adult men don't attempt to regain their carefree youth with the help of alcohol (although they never forget their youth when they were). They need to drown out and just drown their very own emptiness and purposelessness of their lives. “What's more terrible than the entire process of falling? "The actual fact on the fall." An exclusive dialogue on the works of your founding father of existentialism, the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard occurs between a student plus the teacher for the exam, rendering it clear to your viewer the key essence on this film by Winterberg, how the director surely could voice.

Actors. History teacher Martin, Tommy physical education, Nikolay psychology, Peter music. Of all, Martin's story is different, by which he sees a life family routine that it is not easy for any hero to be. After a clear overfulfillment with the dose per mille, for Martin, things get rather complicated with Annika, but the danger of redemption may return. Mads Mikkelsen - first heard the Danish voice of actor. His close-ups, distant gaze, subtle facial expressions and, of course, the very last scene with his participation are worthy skill. The remainder characters complement the film and make up Martin's friendly company, also overfulfilling the dose per mille, and someone completely explains the experiment, irreparably. Although advice from Peter, trying once for courage is what we need.

'One More Each'is usually a festival tragicomedy from Thomas Winterberg. The film successfully combines comedy, and instantly, preparing the viewer to plunge into philosophy. At the European Film Academy, the film received an award while in the nominations "Best Picture", "Best Director", "Best Actor", even without the others. Among critics on the United States from major cities, the film is indexed in the'best foreign film '. I'd personally also enjoy seeing those that would contend with this film, if you will discover any.

7.5 outside of 10

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