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Updated by Paul Marsh on Jan 29, 2016
Headline for 5 successful ways of capturing customer interest at the Point of Sale.
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5 successful ways of capturing customer interest at the Point of Sale.

It makes sense to use the point of sale to your advantage. We know it generally as an “impulse purchase”, and most of us make these smaller item purchases regularly, without even realising it. Whilst point of sale can be online too, below The MPC share some proven ways of increasing face to face purchases at the point of sale with your customers.


Have some novelty and gift items

Novel ideas may be ignored when we are generally shopping and looking for what we know we need to buy, but this changes at the point of sale. We have time on our hands, so if we see the right thing to make someone happy, or laugh, it is easier to make the decision to buy it. It's the same with gifts. Waiting time is thinking (or even daydreaming) time, so when we see something that would make a nice surprise gift for a friend or loved one, we are more likely to pick it up and pay for it.


Keep sale items all year round

Everyone loves a bargain. It's hard to turn one down when it is staring us in the face, so items that appear to be discounted are a very successful and popular choice to have at the point of sale. After all, it really isn't going to add much to the bill now is it?


Have a selection of low level ticket items

By this we mean the small items that won't make a difference to the budget. So small we may even pick up several of them so keep a good selection.


Aim at eye level

We don't tend to look at the floor or the ceiling when we are waiting at the point of sale, so it makes sense to aim those temptations at the very point we are most likely to gaze - eye level. This also means the items are made in easy reach - which makes them more inviting!


'Tis the season for seasonal products

As experienced shoppers, we usually expect those special, more seasonally-based items, to be prominently displayed and easy to find. Do make sure some of the smaller seasonal items are at the point of sale, as we will expect them and are already predisposed to them.