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Ten Best Car Chase Scenes

Cinematic car chase scenes have fast become some of the biggest staples in action movies. Whether it's a spy movie, action flick, or suspenseful thriller there's undoubtedly one of your favorite car chase scenes that come to mind. For this top ten list we've combed through countless movie titles to track down some of the fastest and most exciting car chase scenes in movie history. Agree with our list or think we've missed any entries? Let us know below!


Can Fast and Furious 8 crack the list?

Can Fast and Furious 8 crack the list?

The movie series borne from the backstreets of illegal street racing has certainly grown into much more than that in recent iterations. However the underlying theme of the new "Fast and Furious 8" movie remains much of the same. Fast cars, furious action and scantily clad women all figure to prominently feature in the new Fast and Furious movie.

Having begun filming in Iceland, the new movie will be without the late Paul Walker, who lost his life in a tragic car accident. Vin Diesel returns as Dominic Toretto, flanked by such movie stars as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, and Jason Statham.

Will the latest Fast and Furious movie have a car chase scene that might crack this list? We'll have to wait until the summer of 2017 to find out.

Chased by the Cops - The Blues Brothers (1980)

Starring the lovable duo of John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as Jake and Elwood, these brothers cause an incredible amount of damage in a short amount of time. The 1980 comedy flick is an expansion of their Saturday Night Live characters featuring two white guys with lots of soul and the no regard for police safety.

Slightly dated and with more than a little film trickery to give the illusion of speed don't diminish this car chase scene by any stretch. It's fast paced with lots of explosions and violence. What else could you ask for?

Check my horoscope - Gone in Sixty Seconds (1974)

Not the remake but the original, Gone in 60 Seconds features some of the most exciting classic car chase scenes in movie history. Where many younger movie goers may say the words classic and dated, we like the fact that these are real action scenes that lack any CGI. There's a palpable feel of realism and the cinematography that goes into a long car chase scene such as this has to be appreciated.

Getaway - Drive - (2011)

This slow burning thriller featuring Ryan Gosling featured one of the highest octane car chases in movie history. Kicking off this movie with a bang, the rest of Drive is a bit more measured in it's approach.

Portraying the life of a Hollywood stunt man who also moonlights as a driver for hire has his life turned upside down in a robbery that goes wrong.

Freeway Chase - The Matrix Reloaded - (2003)

Seeking escape from the Matrix, Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) are tasked to extract the Macguffin character known as the keymaster. While this movie lacked the cohesive storyline and plot that made the original Matrix movie so popular, there's no denying the firepower and action in this thrilling car chase scene.

Tons of practical stuntwork and eye popping visuals make this chase scene incredibly memorable. Maybe one of the only recognizable and noteworthy scenes in the Matrix sequels, this freeway chase scene has it all. High caliber weaponry, lots of crashes and one of the most interesting uses of a seat belt in movie history.

Briefcase Chase - Ronin - (1998)

One of the most spectacular car chase scenes in movie history, the 1998 film Ronin delivers in this action packed sequence. Starring Robert De Niro and Jean Reno in this incredible car chase, the stakes don't get any higher in this climatic scene.

This car chase scene has a little bit of it all, with several versions of the BMW and Peugeot versions as they smash through parts of Paris. Tons of practical effects and no CGI make this chase scene an awesome part of this action thriller.

LA River Chase - TERMINATOR 2 - (1991)

As iconic as the many catch phrases in this movie franchise, this chase scene is both memorable and incredible at once. Narrowly escaping a new generation death robot, this chase involves some awesome action and death defying stunts.

It's easily one of the more memorable chase scenes in movie history, I mean where else are you going to see a semi race through the Los Angeles River and aqueduct?

Paris Chase in a Mini - The Bourne Identity - (2002)

One of the most incredible car chase scenes in movie history, The Bourne Identity treated movie goers with action packed car chase action. Matt Damon portrays Jason Bourne a spy trying to elude the local authorities down a series of streets, back lots and even staircases.

Although the amount of damage that the single Mini encounters begs the question of how the car still drives, it's still an incredible display of gritty action.

Chase of Life and Death - Mad Max - (1981)

With all due respect to the latest Mad Max - Fury Road which has more than it's fair share of incredible action scenes and sequences, the original gets the nod here. As far as stunts and epic action is concerned, it's hard to deny how incredible this chase scene really is.

Post apocalyptic weaponry, badass cars and a variety of ways in which people crash, burn and die are just a small sample of incredible sequences in this movie chase scene.

Mini-Cooper Chase - The Italian Job - (1969)

Mini Coopers.. who knew right? One of the more iconic car chases in cinema, The Italian Job features the diminutive Minis in a series of action sequences throughout Italy. Michael Caine plays Charlie Crooker who is trying to evade the police through some of the most action packed car scenes in movie history.

This movie had well over 20 Minis in total used, most of them not surviving the action sequences. Given the amount of abuse that the movie puts them through there's little wonder why none of them made it.

The Chase - Bullitt - (1968)

One of the most iconic car chase scenes from the legendary movie "Bullit", this chase starts from the streets of San Francisco and spills over into the freeways of the Bay Area. Any fan of the classic Mustang has got to love this movie car chase scene, which actually changed the way Hollywood filmed chase scenes.

After the success of "Bullitt" the producers who called the shots in Hollywood moved productions processes to be more on location. This movement revolutionized car chase scenes from this point onward, and punctuated the new take on action movie car chases.