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Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges is a stressful experience with dire personal and financial consequences for an accused upon conviction. Obtaining the right legal representation is critical in order to ensure that your rights have not been infringed and to ensure that you are aware of all your options, including any potential defences available to properly fight the charge.

My Employer Forced Me to Resign - Was I Fired?

Resigning from your job does not necessarily mean that it was voluntary. If you feel you were forced to give up your job, you may have a legal remedy against your former employer. However, every situation is different, and the examples in this article may not apply to your case. Your best course is to consult a lawyer about your rights and the remedies available to you. If you have questions about this article or about your resignation, contact the employment lawyers at Devry Smith Frank LLP at 1-416-446-1400.

No "double dipping" allowed where disability benefits and notice pay are from one source

Devry Smith Frank LLP is a full-service law firm with offices located in Toronto, Ontario. DSF has been a trusted advisor and advocate for individuals and their business concerns for close to 45 years. We strive to make our client relationships stronger; a commitment that finds expression from the courtroom to the boardroom table.

Beware a House of Lies: Negligent Misrepresentation in Real Estate

Negligent misrepresentation is a more specific type of negligence claim used to compensate victims of lies or misinformation that cause them harm. In general, people are most vulnerable when relying on professional advice to decide what to do next.

New Obligations to Accommodate Persons with Disabilities in 2016

If you have questions about how AODA and the compliance requirements outlined in the IASR apply to your organization, contact the employment lawyers at Devry Smith Frank LLP at 1-416-449-1400.

Family Law

This board can help you about family issues. | See more about Lawyers, Toronto and Law.

Not a crime to be rude: Damages awarded against Toronto police following unlawful detention

A man is subject to an unlawful arrest and detention by Toronto police after rudely replying to their questioning during a random stop.

Caught My Spouse Recording/Spying On Me!

Toronto area family law attorney John P. Schuman was recently asked the following question: “I came home to notice my wife was recording/spying on me with her laptop though she wasn’t around. I was able to notice because the webcam light was on. Is this a crime?”

Federal Court of Appeal: Employers must appoint a “competent person” to investigate complaints of workplace violence

The Federal Court of Appeal recently decided that employers must appoint an unbiased “competent person” to investigate complaints of workplace violence when the complaints cannot be resolved directly with the employee. The exception is when it is plain and obvious that the complaint falls outside the scope of the definition of workplace violence.

The American Election: A Guide on How to Escape to Canada

To become a permanent resident in Canada, here are the primary immigration streams:

-Federal skilled worker class (Express entry)
-Canadian Experience Class (Express entry)
-Federal Skilled Trade Class (Express entry)
-Provincial Nominee Program
-Start-Up Business Class
-Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Class
-Caregiver Program

Protect You and Your Family-Call Your Broker For Optional Automobile Insurance

For people who are catastrophically injured, medical rehabilitation and attendant care benefits used to be capped at a total of $1,000,000 for each benefit. Under new policies, these benefits have been combined into one category and reduced to a cap of $1,000,000 for both. (Click the link for more information)

Reducing Taxes & Helping The Economy – Flow Through Financing Is a Win-Win For Canada

To develop a mine, companies often have to spend substantial sums of money before they are in any position to generate any revenue, creating large tax losses. As these companies are not in a position to benefit from their tax deductions, flow-through investing gives the resource companies the ability to pass on their deductions to investors, in exchange for help raising the money necessary to fund their explorations. (click the link for more information)

Enforceability of contractual limitation periods in insurance policies

An insurance policy covering risks related to the operation of an insured’s business, such as the one McKeown & Wood held with Federated, was found to qualify as a “business agreement” for the purposes of the Limitations Act.

Mediation and Mediaton Services in Toronto for corporations and individuals.

Our mediators bring the experience of having been on both sides of the issue. We pinpoint the parties’ needs and help navigate the parties to a mutually acceptable resolution. As mediators, we remain neutral – but that doesn’t mean we take a passive roll to help find the best resolution for all parties.

Powers of Attorney in Ontario

In Ontario, there are 3 types of Powers of Attorney (POA). This blog will offer a brief discussion of each.

The Dangers of the Online Separation Agreement

In Ontario, separation agreements, marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements (“domestic contracts”) are all subject to the same legal requirements. Read the full article about the online agreements.

Toronto Real Estate: Spring Update

"This article is intended to inform and entertain. Its content does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon by readers as such. If you require legal assistance, please see a lawyer. Each case is unique and a lawyer with good training and sound judgment can provide you with advice tailored to your specific situation and needs.”

Toronto City Council approves New Apartment Bylaw to Further Protect Tenants

The bylaw, which was passed by city council with a 41-1 vote, imposes a series of new regulations on landlords that will come into effect on July 1, 2017. Read the full article.

Reasons to Hire Toronto Insurance Defence Lawyers

Insurance companies also hire the services of an insurance defense lawyer to routinely review their policies and ensure that they are compliant with applicable state laws and regulations. Read the full article for reference.

Elevating our Standards: Proposed Bill Responds to Ontario’s ‘Elevator Crisis’

Powerlessness can take many forms, some less obvious than others. For the elderly, the disabled, and others unable to scale a flight of stairs, what holds that dismal prospect at bay might be nothing more than a functioning elevator.

How to Change Existing Child Support Payments and Visitation Agreements

In making any decision about children, judges only do what is in the child’s best interest and have factors to consider in making that determination.

Do You Need to Hire Toronto Estate Lawyers to Make a Will?

A will, like any legal document, is not set in stone. Laws change, and your will needs to be updated and reviewed to reflect these changes, otherwise details can be contested in court.

How Commercial Litigation Lawyers Can Help Your Business

Commercial litigation lawyers generally provide legal representation to clients who are involved in a business dispute.

Selecting the Best Toronto Insurance Defence Lawyer for You

Selecting the right lawyer to help you get a winning chance is a very important decision. The search does not have to be stressful, but you do need to do some work to make sure you hire the best person for the job.

Finding the Right Corporate Lawyer in Barrie for your Business

If you have acquaintances who are lawyers or paralegals, it’s good to ask them to recommend someone with the specialization you need. Read the full article here.