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Updated by Helen S Walter on Apr 25, 2016
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Easy Ways In Troubleshooting Your Car Suspension and Shock Absorbers

A car's suspension system is extremely technical, with the parts attached to each other.
When you perform loads of commuting and covers many long distance travel everyday, the vehicle might sooner or later require realignment.

When to Replace Shock Absorbers

When driving, a vehicle's shocks are always in use. Like many other car components, overtime this continuous use will lead to general wear and tear and they'll lose their ability to function properly. There are signs you need new shocks that are right under your nose.

Why Do I have a Squeaky Suspension? - BlueDevil Products

Having a squeaky suspension can be one of the most frustrating problems to have in any vehicle. Every time you go over even the smallest bump, or make a turn, you have to deal with the squeak or creak of your suspension.

Land Rover steering & suspension shakes
  1. Steering Column and Box Assembly A case of delirium tremens may feel life threatening, but shakes in the steering, suspension or drive train may actually be so. Any vibration should be checked as a matter of priority, because it can be an indicator of a potentially life threatening failure of some critical part.
Cleaning and checking leaf springs

Leaf springs are likely to wear because they have several moving parts. They should be inspected at intervals specified by the car manufacturer, or at major service intervals - usually every 12,000 miles (20,000 km).

Have you noticed how quiet and smooth most modern cars feel to something a few years older? Drivers are being increasingly isolated from the road with soft rubber, liquid filled mounts, and sound deadening. This is done to reduce what's called noise, vibration, and harshness, or NVH, and the downside is often a reduction in handling performance and response.

Servicing the Suspension System

Every automotive suspension uses some type of energy-absorbing device - usually either coil , leaf springs, torsion bars or the MacPherson strut - to hold the car up on its wheels. Most cars today use MacPherson strut suspension in front on the unibody designed vehicles. Older rear wheel drive vehicles used coil springs in front.

Tips on Why Alignment and Suspension Repair Is Important

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is suggested for outstanding operation of your vehicle that provides you a safety life.

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