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Updated by David R. MIllar on Jan 27, 2016
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Best Social Media Blogs

Having a Social Media presence does not mean that you scroll through your feeds and like a couple of things, post a blog and then your done. You must be present to have a social media presence! It is about creating great content that is informative and interesting and posting it on social media. It is about building connections through sharing other peoples content, and it is about giving those connections value by turning them into relationships. You must put in the work to reap the rewards.

Best Real Estate Social Media Groups

Without fail every week in this space you see helpful articles that are written for both buyers and sellers of real estate. For a change I thought it would be cool to provide some social media advice to help other real estate agents instead.

9 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make While there might be a...

I agree with most of that. However, in terms of automating social media posts, I think there has to be a good balance. You can't automate everything and expect to get the reach you want from every network (example: Facebook). Everything in moderation. As a consumer I notice #2 if I buy from a seller or store or company regularly.

Top 29 Real Estate Experts To Follow In 2015

A shortlist of the most influential real estate experts on Twitter. Learn proven investment and marketing strategies, and stay current with trends in 2015.

AWeber vs MailChimp - Which is best for you?

AWeber and MailChimp are two of the most popular email services, each with many thousands of satisfied customers and their own strengths and weaknesses. Although there are others, one of these is probably the best starting point. So how do you decide which email provider is the best for your business - AWeber or MailChimp?

You searched for social media - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate

Being a social media aficionado I find myself with many social media apps on my smartphone and using those many different social media platforms to share my knowledge. Social media is great in that it allows direct interaction and sharing of knowledge and information with anyone.

Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Tools For 2016

What is the real estate world coming to? Today we have everything from first time home buyers, millennials purchasing homes for nesting, investors, vacation home buyers, and those looking for retirement homes. What is going to catch all of their attention?

The "Who's Who" of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media - Google Plus

The real estate "industry" is a very large group of various professionals. The industry is not only exclusive to real estate agents. Other professions such as mortgage consultants, real estate appraisers, and home inspectors are just a handful of others who play a very important role within the industry.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Real Estate Facebook Profile

In 2011, roughly 80% of real estate agents were using Facebook regularly as part of their real estate marketing - nearly double the amount using the next most-popular social media channel. Given how much the social network has grown as a tool for real estate professionals since that time, that figure has likely grown quite a bit.

14 Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips For Realtors

You might be thinking, "Does social media actually sell real estate?" Sure, knowing about social media marketing on Facebook is useful. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Today, I'm going to take you on a blow-by-blow tour of everything that you can do with social media marketing to grow your business.

125 Best People to Follow on Twitter for Social Media Geeks

I pretty much owe my whole career to Twitter. I've met & learned from some of the best people in my industry there. In fact, it's safe to say that I wouldn't be where I am today without it.