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Updated by PPAI on Oct 10, 2017
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Promotional Products Work! Weekly

Promotional ideas curated from the marketing & advertising community.

Paper Calendars Endure Despite the Digital Age

Paper calendars, especially planners and appointment books, readily coexist with online and smartphone calendars, data show.

How Bobbleheads Became Baseball's Secret Weapon to Boost Attendance

Throughout the course of a baseball season, MLB teams give away a ton of promotional products at select games: From replica championship rings, to T-shirts and jerseys, to tote bags, magnets and garden gnomes. If you can name it, a baseball team has probably given it away. Read more.

Pizza Hut: DJ Pizza Box

Pizza Hut has unveiled what it's calling 'the world's first playable DJ pizza box.'

United Airlines looks to burnish eco-friendly image with new merch - Chicago Business Journal

A very limited edition of bags was released a year ago with great success; now the airline is back with a limited, but larger collection.

PPAI Announces #GetInTouch Industry Branding Campaign

The #GetInTouch campaign on September 26 in conjunction with the 2016 Advertising Week in New York City. PPAI’s #GetInTouch campaign urges advertising buyers to #GetInTouch with targeted audiences in tangible, useful and creative ways by using promotional products—advertising that touches their hands and their hearts.

X-MEN M&Ms, Straight From Xavier’s School for Gifting Yum-sters | Nerdist

I have no apologies for that headline. The only thing I do regret is not being able to make it some variation of 'It's the age of licking your ApocaLIPS' since it's so damn close to DC's 'Apokolips.' You win some, you lose some, I suppose. Thankfully I can drown my sorrow in delicious X-Men branded M&Ms from It's not surprising to follow a blockbuster movie with branded merchandise but we're 100% on board when it's a candy that decides to do so. M&Ms might be one of the most universally recognized (and delicious) candies that has ever existed. You could say that they're much like a certain near-immortal mutant who's been around forever,  so it's fitting they've released these in honor of X-Men: Apocalypse. You can get these delicious mutant mixes directly from M&Ms in a number of ways. The X-Men blend features the faces of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, and Beast while the Four Horsemen blend has Magneto, Archangel, Storm, and Psylocke...

Summerfest crews out giving away more than tickets...

The Big Gig is 41 days away, and Summerfest wants to make sure people have tickets, t-shirts, koozies and more!

New Merchandise Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Disney Vacation Club | DisZine

This year Disney Vacation Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary and Disney has just announced a new slate of merchandise for the celebration.

Buy Idaho commemorative calendar to highlight iconic artist's work

Buy Idaho has partnered with iconic Idaho artist Ward Hooper to create a 30th Anniversary commemorative calendar. 

The Long Story Behind Presidential Campaign Buttons and Pins

Buttons and pins have been a part of election culture since the United States’ first presidential inauguration

Colgate: The Water Savers

In Brazil, Colgate teamed up with hotel chain Marriott by alerting guests not to waste water when toothbrushing.

Trump, Sanders fans share hunger for campaign T-shirts, coffee mugs

Supporters of U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders may inhabit opposite ends of the political spectrum, but they have one thing in common: an unprecedented hunger for campaign swag.

National Pink Day Swag

Celebrating femininity, strength, & happiness through the color pink.

Tourism takes spotlight for a week

The Liberty County Convention and Visitors Bureau celebrated National Travel and Tourism Week Monday through Saturday.

A shrine to local brewing, Breweriana a chance for collectors, public to share in history

Tye Schwalbe’s collection of Wisconsin brewery artifacts is 50 years in the making. With pieces dating from the 1880s through the 1950s, his basement is a shrine to the local

Cinco de Mayo: Ranking Today's MLB Stadium Promotional Giveaways

It's Cinco de Mayo! Which MLB teams are doing the best job of celebrating the holiday?

Mars Temptations: Catterbox

Mars Temptations has created a 'talking cat collar' to help process meows into human speech.

Top 50 Player Sales List

Tom Brady stands atop the NFLPA Top 50 Player Sales List at the end of the 2015-16 season. The list is based on total sales of officially licensed merchandise from March 1, 2015 through February 29, 2016. Brady took the lead back from Russell Wilson, who was the best-selling player for the previous two quarters.

200 Years Of Strange And Embarrassing Presidential Campaign Artifacts

If Donald Trump has reached higher than other men, it's only because he stands on the shoulders of crazy giants.

Hospital Mails Promotional Item to Build Brand

When you market to new movers, you can really stand out by mailing a premium that’s literally meant to stick around.

Racine resident finds success making mascots, animal costumes

RACINE — Ever have the overwhelming urge to squeeze into an oversize orange fruit outfit?

Super Bowl 50 coin shipped from Melbourne

There are the top five facts you should know about the gold coin being used to kick off the Super Bowl 50.


Compton has been at the epicenter of film & music this past year with movies like Straight Outta Compton & artists like Kendrick Lamar.

Promotional products help bring communities together. How many promotional products can you spot in the #ChurchsChicken video?

PromoIdeas | Google's Android pins and custom water bottles are driving attendees at MWC crazy

As the trade show draws its curtains closed, showgoers are still trying to get their hands on the final elusive gold Android pin, while others are spending hours in line to get an Android water bottle.