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Updated by Vanhishikha Bhargava on Nov 04, 2016
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Conversion Rate Optimization Tips and Tricks

Everything you need to know about conversion rate optimization. Here are the best tips, tricks and tools to help you optimize your website for the best performance.

13 Ecommerce Tips To Make People Fall In Love With Your Online Store

Ecommerce businesses are on the rise. And irrespective of the industry you are in, you will have plenty of competition when it comes to alluring prospects. With mass broadcasting not being an option anymore, how do you get your brand across to people? By giving it a unique personality.

Here are 13 ways to make people fall in love with your online store.

11 Tools That Need To Make It To Your CRO Toolkit - Exit Bee Blog

Conversion rate optimization is one of the most important aspects of driving a business’s growth. It is the process that involves qualitative and quantitative data as well as testing to convert the target audience in a contextual manner.

But you need the right tools to be able to drive all your optimization efforts towards conversions. Here’s a toolkit that is a must!

5 Reasons Why People Love Shopping Online (And How You Can Make The Most Of It) - Exit Bee Blog

Ecommerce is on the rise, but ever wondered why exactly your target audience wants to shop online? Despite the fact that the concept of retail stores is still very popular?

Even though businesses spend a considerable amount of time trying to define their buyer personas and ideal customers, they often overlook the main psychology behind online shopping.

Here’s taking a look at the top 5 reasons why businesses shop online.

10 Conversion Optimization Podcasts Every Marketer Must Listen To - Exit Bee Blog

Conversion rates are ‘the’ thing for businesses to measure today. And to help you at your hour of need, you’ll find a gazillion posts about it online – tips, tricks, hacks, how-tos, case studies, reports, etc. But there is only so much one can read!

And that’s where podcasts come in.

Many businesses have started creating short podcasts as a content type to share industry information and knowledge with their audience. So we decided to go on a hunt ourselves to bring together the best of conversion podcasts in the market!

Here are 10 conversion optimization podcasts that we highly recommend business owners or marketers should listen to.

25 Conversion Rate Optimization Quotes By Experts You Must Absolutely Follow! - Exit Bee Blog

Conversion Rate Optimization is the talk of the digi-town for quite some time now. Each one of us goes from one post to the other to seek the best CRO tip that will work its magic on our website. Here are 25 conversion rate optimization quotes by experts we dug out after stalking industry leaders for days. Trust us, you must absolutely abide by ‘all’ of them!

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips: 13 Warning Signs Your Web Copy Needs To Change - Exit Bee Blog

Is your website not getting the results your hard work deserves? Here are 13 warning signs that your web copy sucks and conversion rate optimization tips to improve it.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips: Using Psychology

The top conversion rate optimization tips to use psychology in your conversion strategies for better results. 

Why Your Ecommerce Business Is Losing 68% Sales And What You Can Do About It - Exit Bee Blog

According to the Baymard Institute, an average of 68.63% consumers are abandoning their online shopping carts. And the remaining 30% are either completing their purchases or are yet to be made aware of what your brand offers.

Losing 68 out of 100 potential revenue generation opportunities, is losing a lot of money! And the practice of abandoning carts is probably going to stay for a while.

With a gazillion ecommerce businesses offering the same range of products to the same target audience, acquiring a customer is becoming a challenge for many. And cart abandonment is becoming a common phenomenon.

7 eCommerce Design Trends For 2016 That You Need To Know - Exit Bee Blog

With the increase of online shopping, eCommerce has become a fast growing industry. Here are 7 eCommerce design trends to stand out. 

6 Little Things That Can Make or Break Your eCommerce Website - Exit Bee Blog

6 little elements that can make or break your eCommerce website. Ensuring their presence will boost its conversion rates.

6 Ways To Use Exit Intent Popups Boost Your Website Conversion Rate - Exit Bee Blog

A few ways to use exit intent popups on your website to boost its conversion rates.

How Tourism Industry Websites Can Use Exit Intent To Increase Bookings - Exit Bee Blog

How tourism industry websites can use exit intent popups to increase their online bookings. 

6 Things A Visitor Wants To See On Your Popup - Exit Bee Blog

Planning to use a popup on your business website? Here are the 6 things that a visitor would want to see on it and should be a part of your popup strategy.

5 Popup Mistakes That Are Costing You Conversions (And What To Do Instead) - Exit Bee Blog

Are you losing conversions from your website because of the popup? You could be making these 5 common popup mistakes. 

5 Reasons Your Blog Readers Are Not Converting And How To Fix It - Exit Bee Blog

Taking a look at the top 5 reasons why your blog readers are not converting and how you can fix it.

The Guide To Effectively Personalize Exit Intent Popups - Exit Bee Blog

Thought you could not personalize exit intent popups? Here's your guide to doing it effectively, to get higher conversions.

5 Principles That The Highest Converting Sites Always Follow - Exit Bee Blog

You’re getting a considerable amount of traffic on your website, but unless someone clicks on a call-to-action on a web page, your work is not done.

The Anatomy Of A High Converting Popup - Exit Bee Blog

Trying to implement a popup on your website? Here's the anatomy of a high converting popup.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Conducting A Survey - Exit Bee Blog

Here are a few reasons why every business should consider conducting a survey and tips on how to do so for better results. 

13 Hacks To Reduce Bounce Rates And Keep Your Website Visitors Engaged Longer

In this post we share some hacks that will reduce bounce rates and keep visitors on your website longer.

Are Your Exit Intent Popups Optimized For Conversions? - Exit Bee Blog

Tips to optimize your exit intent popups for higher conversions from your business website. Time to get more customers!

7 Landing Page Design Tips That Will Get You More Customers

Does your business website get you customers? Here are 7 landing page design tips that definitely will boost your conversion rates.

Why Popups Are Not Dead And Which Of Them Really Work - Exit Bee Blog

After a number of posts on how popups help business websites convert more of their visitors, here’s a statement we’d like to put out there:

15 Must-Have Online Store Tools To Get More Sales

The eCommerce industry has been fast growing and if you have recently jumped on the bandwagon, you’ll probably already know how challenging it is to get customers. You’re able to use attractive offers to drive traffic to your website, but making them complete the purchase is a different ball game altogether.


Here's taking a look at the 7 ways video content boost the conversion rates of brand and business websites and gets them more customers.