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Updated by Zoe Summers on Jan 25, 2016
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Growth Hacking Tips For Your Twitter Marketing

This is a collection with the only Twitter Marketing articles you need to jump start your Twitter game. The articles are from the folks at Mass Planner that took their time and did the research on Twitter engagement rates, and how to grow your accounts fast.

The best Growth Hacking tips for your Twitter marketing in one place!

5 Most Engaging Types of Twitter Posts

Twitter posts are undeniably a popular source of information in this day and age. It can spark influence and impact to followers, with content interesting and/or relevant to the one who comes across it. Though it does create a buzz to certain demographics, does it automatically equate to a higher user engagement?

10 Reasons Why People Unfollow Your Twitter Account | Mass Planner

Have you noticed the number of your Twitter followers decreasing at such a steady rate and you just don't know what makes people unfollow your account? Are you thinking of changing your tweeting style to get those followers back up maybe slowly but surely?

10 Twitter Marketing Mistakes Social Media Marketers Make

With more than 320 million active users, there is no doubt that Twitter is a great marketing tool. It gives you many opportunities to connect with your target audience. Whether you are marketing a startup or an established company, it plays a crucial role in your marketing landscape.

5 Invaluable but Relatively Unknown Twitter Features

Find out how to make the most out of Twitter with these unexplored features that are severely underutilized but can skyrocket your engagement rates.

How To Easily Schedule Your Tweets Using Twitter and Mass Planner

Find out the one simple trick to enable the Twitter Scheduler feature and how to schedule your tweets even faster using Mass Planner.

Targeting Twitter posts and people with advanced search operators

One of the most interesting and underused features in Twitter is the advanced search operators. They work great and help you find exactly what you need in an ocean of tweets and people every day. Even though they aren't hard to use, most people don't know about them or just never cared enough to learn how to use them.

17 Innovative Ways to Get a Higher Click Rate on Twitter

Check out these amazing 17 ways to get a higher click rate on Twitter. With just a few changes you can increase the visibility of your wall a lot!

How to find the best twitter lists in your niche

Finding niche-specific twitter lists can help you keep on top of what is happening within your industry, give you ideas for new products or services, and give you access to a pool of people who would probably be interested in what you have to offer.

How to get more followers on Twitter - the untold story

Learn how to make connections the right way and get more followers on Twitter. Quality followers that will stay with you and help you grow your business.

Twitter Hacks Every Marketer Needs To Know | Mass Planner

Being 1 out of 10 marketers, you have to admit your Twitter life isn't all that great. It's probably a bit underused, messy or even a tad bit unutilized like it should be. You could be following a bunch of people -maybe even thousands- and hundreds of them could be following you back.