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Headline for Flashback Friday (Jan 18-22): Best Articles in UX, Design & Ecommerce This Week
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Flashback Friday (Jan 18-22): Best Articles in UX, Design & Ecommerce This Week

What's the best of the web this week? We cherry-picked the most interesting articles on UX, Design, Ecommerce, Product & Digital Marketing from around the web. And please share this with your colleagues and friends. Who knows, this could be something to talk about when you're back in the office on Monday. Happy reading!

Challenging UX: Usability as the enemy

By Alexander Mimran
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I love the concept of usability as an anti-pattern. It's highly counterintuitive but fun to contemplate. I've often said, "If the product needs an instruction manual, it's not good UI." I'm going to explore the other side of that argument and go so far as to say that sometimes, making things harder to use can improve engagement in the long run...

The Illusion of Completeness: What it is and how to Avoid it

By Kim Flaherty
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Users can think they see the entire web page, although additional content exists off-screen. Designers must help users discover all relevant information. Looking at a web page is much like looking at a landscape through a set of binoculars.

10 ways to Design for the Human Brain

By Joseph Shaffery
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Last summer, I attended a training session by Jon Dixon at Bunnyfoot in London. Attendees learned about applying key principles to design for people's natural thinking processes. These principles work across personas and demographics. A lot was covered in Jon's day-long session, so I've rounded up 10 of my favorite points.

Why User Experience will fail as a Department

By Rémy Rey De Barros
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According to the definition by the Nielsen Norman Group, a leading voice in the user experience field, user experience is all aspects of the end-users' interaction with the company - its services and its products. How important is it to make sure that everyone involved develops a mindset of understanding users and their needs?

3 things that make 2016 The Year of the Experience

By Joe Johnston
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2016 is the year of focus on Customer & Employee Experiences. Over the past few years, companies have shifted their approach to focus predominantly on the customer's experience. Companies are now just starting to realize that the extreme focus on customer facing experiences is only half the story.