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Social Media Marketing Strategy

The Timeline Checklist All Facebook Pages Must Have | Agent Media

Creating a successful Facebook page requires more than just a few clicks, especially with the new timeline design. Even before timeline, there were so many things to consider that we'd found it helpful to create a checklist for pages. So we've upgraded our pages checklist to help you upgrade to timeline, and also keep track of your page on an ongoing basis. Print out this timeline checklist or save it on your computer so you can check off tasks once you complete them. And by all means, give us feedback on this in the comments section beneath this post.

The World's 10 Most Popular Company Facebook Pages | Agent Media

Facebook pages work best if you are a major retail B2C brand or company. In this list I have not included musicians, entertainers, actors & actressess or movies which we covered in the last post the “The World's 20 Most Popular Facebook Pages“. Like Twitter the top ranked on Facebook are celebrities who attract passionate fans to

How To Write Your Social Media Plan in 8 Steps | Agent Media

Maybe it's because you're in marketing. Maybe it's because you're from the younger generation assumed to be digital natives. Or maybe it's because you're already experimenting with social media and your success has been noticed. For whatever reason, The Powers That Be have chosen you to write your company's social media plan. Or perhaps they haven't asked, but you know social media is big and getting bigger, and so you want to write a plan to persuade your management to get involved. Where do you start? Here are some ideas on the main topics you need to cover in creating an impressive, yet realistic social media plan that garners executive buy-in and a clearer path to success.

What To Pin To The Top Of Your Facebook Timeline | Agent Media

One of the smartest features of timeline for brands is the ability to pin posts to the page. The feature is so helpful that it might seem like a no-brainer to decide what to pin. But the catch is, you can only pin one thing at a time. Whatever you most recently pinned shows up at the top of the page, and the rest goes into a hybrid of chronological order with some prioritization of the most engaging posts (of course, things you hide or delete don't show up). Here's a list of things you might want to pin to the top of your timeline page on Facebook.

Social Media's Influence on Sales | Agent Media

The influence of social media on the conversion of sales is outstanding compared to traditional marketing. Being involved and creating a community using social media has never been as important as it currently is today. It is a proven science that a one-on-one interaction with customers creates a rapport between the consumer and the business. Building trust and loyalty converts into more sales PERIOD

Letting people loose on the social web - too risky?

Companies need to trust employees to use their judgement on the social web. Internal private social networks are great learning grounds.

How to Use LinkedIn Powerfully: 10 Tips to Know | Social Media Today

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for making business connections-but it is just that, a tool. Even the most active users miss on some simple ways to optimize the way they use LinkedIn.  This was true for me-I recently attended a seminar on LinkedIn by Colleen McKenna, and learned a few ways to kick my LinkedIn presence up a notch.

How I Made Twitter Work For My Business | Agent Media

Twitter is not about the usual way of selling, In order to use twitter in the most positive way to promote yourself, business or product you need to LISTEN, ADD VALUE & ENGAGE with people on there. I understand for some people this might seem a little alien, I like many of you had to start somewhere with understanding twitter and my first experience of this social networking site was on a purely personal , chatting to my friends and following ‘celebrities' manner.

How an estate agent can make their facebook page successful! | Agent Media

How an estate agent can make their Facebook Page successful! First of all facebook is the most powerful tool in the world, approx 1 in 2 people in the UK that you speak to daily use facebook why not use it to your advantage? Majority of facebook company pages fail due to not knowing what to do? By following the below bullet points will without question make your facebook company page a valuable marketing tool.

5 Ways to Avoid Looking Desperate or Selfish on Social Media

In the scramble for social media success, some of us are getting caught up in the madness and losing sight of the true benefits that social networking has to offer. I get the idea that you want to promote

How Social Media Monitoring Can Boost Your Lead Generation | Brandwatch

How Social Media Monitoring Can Boost Your Lead Generation

Are You Doing Content Marketing or Copywriting? - Smart Business Marketing

Do you know the difference between copywriting and content  marketing ? Although these two terms may sound similar, they are different in terms of their purposes. Copywriting is done in order to...

Jeff Bullas TV / Jeff Bullas Part 4 of 7 "Social Media Marketing For Business" #jeffbullas #socialmedia

Jeff Bullas Part 4 of 7 "Social Media Marketing For Business" #jeffbullas #socialmedia