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Making Algorithms in Trading

Making Algorithms in Trading

Everyone knows that algorithmic trading is a giant now in the world market. But these algorithms will go various modulations in accordance with the market space and the trader requirements. But under a broader classification the algorithms can be classified into three as decision making algorithm, execution algorithm and the execution plus algorithm.

Algorithmic Trading

Every industry has its own terms and aspects. Though some of the concepts are similar among industries, their terms will be different. Similarly, in algorithmic trading, "funnies" is a term often used to mention the different types of orders placed in the market. Some of the traders will often make use of different type orders in the market for various reasons.

Gopro’s IPO Is Under Water Now

GoPro’s shares in the IPO which was traded in the symbol GPRO is now in sales at a very low price. Previously the company shares were sold at a price of $98 each. But now the shares were sold at a price of $24 each. This is considered as the lowest price that the company shares have ever seen after getting into IPO. The marketers said that the market volatility is the major cause for the down fall of the share price. The price of GoPro shares was slipping since august. The investors have shown their grin regarding the fall of GoPro share price.

Trading Strategies

The course discusses a simple Pair Trading Strategy from the scratch, including theory and statistics involved. This strategy is coded in Python on a free online backtesting platform, Quantopian. The lectures are designed in a fashion that even the newbies in programming find it easy to understand the code and learn to tweak it.

Low Risk Strategy

Spread Trading has lower volatility/lower risk due to the hedged nature of positions. And due to lower risk you are allowed to put up a much smaller amount of margin money with exchanges. So essentially spread trading offers you a better reward/risk ration than a given outright position.

Risk Management in financial

There are always things in life that we wish we can get rid of, and it so often happens that sooner or later very intelligent people usually not governed by greed, we hope, come up with amazing new discoveries to protect themselves against this probability of a future risk. It is because people understand the repercussions of uncertainty that they often wish to, in a sense, “eliminate” this risk of change. It would be completely naive of us to think that even with these new gizmos that we are able to destroy the chances of change, as this world is not perfect but it is the balance of perfection and imperfection that allows this planet on its axis peacefully.

QuantInsti at Price Outlook Conference & Exhibition

This flagship conference is organised by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, which operates the world benchmark crude palm oil futures contract or FCPO. This event has been earmarked by global edible oil players as a must-attend annual affair. It facilitates the perfect networking platform for the exchange of ideas amongst delegates who hail from different parts of this world and value chain process.

Statistics for algorithmic trading

In this presentation we try to understand the core basics of statistics and its application in algorithmic trading.

Trading Seminar

During 2015 the day trades I posted in real time in my S&P e-mini trading seminar CarlFutiaRealTime and on this blog's Twitter feed (at the top of the right hand column) netted a return of 169%. (calculated using 10k equity per contract). In 2011, 2012, 2103, and 2014 the trades posted to the seminar blog yielded returns of 81%, 21%, 29% and 59% respectively.

Relate to Investment Risk

Alpha and beta are two common measurements of investment risk. However, I must add a caveat before we jump in. Alpha and beta are part of modern portfolio theory, much of which is questioned by analysts (including myself). That doesn’t mean you can’t use the concepts of alpha and beta to have a better understanding of investing.

The most popular UK income fund with the professionals

Richard Colwell’s £3.2bn Threadneedle UK Equity Income fund is the most popular UK equity income fund with multi-asset managers in the Investment Association universe, according to the latest FE Trustnet study, overtaking Artemis Income which sat at the top of the list last year. According to FE data, the Columbia Threadneedle fund sits at the top of the popularity tables with funds of funds managers as some 29 multi-asset portfolios count the three crown-rated vehicle as a top 10 holding – three more than Majedie UK Income, which sits in second place.

Almost 20 Crore People Still Unemployed, Globally

2016 is here and the scene of unemployment does not seem to improve. It is estimated by the ILO, that global unemployment will worsen and the number of unemployed people will be as worse as 200 million breaking down the record of the past. The number of people added is around 23 lakhs.

Dollar Settles Upon Deviating Hopes Of Monetary Policy

As the increasing demand from monetary easing by certain important central banks made up for the decreasing chances of major rate hikes, the dollar settled against the currency basket on Friday.

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