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Updated by Oldham Orthodontics on Jan 19, 2016
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5 Reasons why you need to look after your teeth when wearing braces

Did you know that you need to take extra care of your teeth when you are wearing braces? There are several reasons for this- it is better for your brace, it is better for your teeth and it is better for your overall oral health. Here are the reasons why we need to take extra precautions:


Brace damage

Brace damage

Your braces are dependent on you for their effectiveness. If you are not cleaning your teeth properly then you won't be looking after your brace either. Braces are intricate appliances though and if not cleaned gently and looked after carefully, they can get damaged.


Gum disease

Wearing braces does not cause gum disease, but it can become more likely if the brace wearer does not take special care in cleaning teeth and braces around the gum line, so make sure you brush after every meal and floss regularly.



Many patients with braces have no problems at all with stained teeth but some do have problems of discolouration once their brace has been removed. This isn't because of the brace though. The staining occurs as a result of drinks like red wine, coffee and tea. It is harder to clean away underneath the brace, so staining becomes more apparent when the brace is removed. The easiest solution is to simply avoid drinks that discolour your teeth!


Tooth decay

Tooth decay poses a real threat to the longevity of your teeth. Regular thorough brushing, flossing and eating teeth-friendly food will all help combat tooth decay. During the time you have your brace you need to be even more vigilant with your oral health regime, as food trapped in your braces is hard to spot and tricky to remove.


Looking your best

Many brace wearers become so preoccupied with the brace itself that they can forget about the teeth underneath them. To ensure you always have the best smile you need to look after your teeth and your brace. If you take care of them now, your teeth will be in perfect condition during orthodontic treatment.