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Introducing students to the wild world of podcasts

Inspiring new listeners interested in stories and the podcast form

528: The Radio Drama Episode

Our most ambitious live show ever! (get the video!) We pulled together a massive team of theater pros at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Opera House - nearly 50 singers, actors, dancers and musicians. The result? Journalism turned into a Broadway musical (the cast album is here), into opera.

" #19 Underdog

Marnie the Dog is one of the most famous dogs on Instagram. Two years ago, she was near death at an animal shelter in Conneticut, now she has 1.2 million followers and hangs out with human celebrities.This week, we investigate the formula for internet dog fame, and look at how having a famous dog will completely upend your life.

Our Computers, Ourselves

Are computers changing human character? Is our closeness with computers changing us as a species? Alix and Lulu look at the ways technology affects us.

How To Become Batman

Alix and Lulu examine the surprising effect our expectations can have on the people around us. Plus, the story of a blind man who says expectations have helped him see. Yes, see.

Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen (Photo Credit: Lynsey Addario/ Getty Images Reportage) In December of 2009, photojournalist Lynsey Addario was embedded with a medevac team in Afghanistan. After days of waiting, one night they got the call - a marine was gravely wounded. What happened next happens all the time.

Episode 1 - The Message

The NSA has tasked the Cypher Group with decoding a verified alien message that has plagued codebreakers for decades. In this episode, Nicky introduces the members of the Cypher Group and "The Message" to the world in her podcast Cyphercast.

The College Admissions Process Is Harrowing, Exhilarating, and Mysterious. This Podcast Helps You Figure It Out.

Listen to episodes of Getting In with the audio player below: For millions of American teenagers and their parents, adolescence is increasingly defined by one all-consuming goal: getting into the right college. Getting In is a real-time podcast following a diverse group of New York-area high school seniors through the exhilarating and harrowing process of applying to college.

9-Volt Nirvana

9-Volt Nirvana Learn a new language faster than ever! Leave doubt in the dust! Be a better sniper! Could you do all that and more with just a zap to the noggin? Maybe.

" Case #5 Source Code

While watching the movie Source Code David becomes consumed with a height related mystery.

The Sound of the Artificial World

Without all the beeps and chimes, without sonic feedback, all of your modern conveniences would be very hard to use. If a device and its sounds are designed correctly, it creates a special "theater of the mind" that users completely buy into. Electronic things are made to feel mechanical.

When FOMO Meets JOMO

If you haven't heard of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) by now... well, no fear. There are cartoons to get you up to speed. There is a definition in the Oxford English Dictionary. There are diagnostic quizzes. There is a heavily-annotated Wikipedia entry. There is also a meaningful counter-term: JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out).