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Updated by Roland Lefevre (Uditha Dharmawardhane) on Jan 18, 2016
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New Watersports to try in Dubai - Novel Activities on the Water

Tipped to be one of the Middle East's best holiday hubs for water sports, Dubai offers visitors a wider range of water based activities. Here are some of the country's newest water sports.



As the ingenious water sport created by Jet Ski pro, Franky Zapata flyboarding involves jetting across the ocean water like a dolphin while simultaneously hovering and bouncing off the waves. Flyboards are the main apparatus required for the sport which is then attached to a conventional jet ski to provide a propeller the board requires to travel across water and air. Special boots are employed to strap the rider to the board although all riders must have the ability to swim to enjoying the joys of flyboarding.



Speed boat fanatics will love the high powered boating experience of zapcating which accommodates two riders in a dual-hulled wave monster that is propped by a 50 horsepower engine. Available at Watercooled, the activity can be experienced as a couple or as a group as crew ride alongside the Zapcat to snap photographs of the adrenalin pumping speed boat encounter.


The Seabreacher

Dubbed the race car of the ocean the a ride on board the iconic Seabreacher is another new water sports activity visitors can enjoy only in Dubai. Accessible for visitors based at Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort or other 5 star resorts Dubai counts among its top accommodation providers in the area a ride aboard The Seabreacher is akin to making one's James Bond fantasies a reality. Travelling at speeds of up to 100kmph the submerged ocean craft is open to visitors who frequent Water Adventure Dubai.



Fans of wakeboarding will thoroughly love the experience of wake surfing. Employing a small surfboard the ride involves being propelled by a boat and then letting go to ride the surf left behind by the motor boat's path. Attached to the boat by a rope the boat used has been specially made so as to create large waves behind it.


Stand-Up Jet-Skiing

Those in search of adrenaline pumping activities to encounter while in Dubai should look no further than stand-up jet-skiing. Riding a jet ski first with a kneeling posture and then standing upright riders can wave crash with the best of them in this mind-blowing alternative to traditional jet skiing. Good swimming skills and physical fitness is a must for this sport which involves the use of a custom-made jet ski suitable for stand-up jet-skiing. Experienced riders can also perform tricks such as back flips and other stunts while riding the apparatus.


Flying Inflatable Boat Experience

Using an ultra-light aircraft connected to an inflated boat this fun and thrilling ride can be enjoyed by anyone above the age of 14. A pilot is also on board to assist riders in flying above the sea in this activity that requires a weight less than 85kg to participate.