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18 Best Programmer Blogs

As the scope of the internet reaches out to most distant parts of the world, it is used for discussions on various topics from cooking to books and from software to programming. There are many blogs started by expert programmers who use their blogs to discuss programming in various languages such as Java, Ruby, Python and others. Some of the most prominent blogs that offer insightful information are listed below.

Adam Bien's Weblog

Why Java EE for this project? We needed an enterprise framework to support an enterprise problem. And as this project will only get updated periodically, we need a framework that has a proven record of backwards compatibility so that future updates can benefit from newer versions of Java EE and its features.

Programming, Books, Tutorials | FromDev

A technology blog about programming & books recommendation. This site contains many programming tips and development guidelines for beginners and experienced developers.

Resources for Java and J2EE developers - Provides simple and unique Java web development tutorials .

Robby on Rails

David was kind enough to put together a demonstration of how to take advantage of Action Cable in Rails 5. In the video he puts together a small chat application. Yesterday, I found out that Ezra Zygmuntowicz had passed away. Ezra and I first met in the #Caboose family.

Virtuous Code

Dr. Ben Maughan writes: At the moment I am rewriting some LaTeX notes into org mode to use in lecture slides. This involves several repetitive tasks, like converting a section heading like this \subsection{Object on vertical spring} ** Object on vertical spring Whenever I come across a problem like this, my first inclination is always to write a regular expression replacement for it.

Caleb Thompson: Answer the following questions: Why is this change necessary? How does it address the issue? What side effects does this change have? This 80-minute, incredibly well-produced documentary gives us a personal look into the catastrophic impact that junk food corporations and other sugary products have on Brazilian youth, where 33% of all children are overweight or obese.

Planet Python

Recent postings from Python-related blogs.

The background story to why I built yet another static website generator in Python.

Python Programming Blog

The Mouse Vs. The Python

This week we welcome Jeff Triplett @webology as our PyDev of the Week. He is the co-founder of the Django Events Foundation North America (DEFNA) and the current chair of DjangoCon US 2016. Let's spend a few minutes getting to know him better!

The Treehouse blog provides valuable content on web development, web design, and startup tips. Check us out!

Coding Horror

In 2007 I wrote about using PNGout to produce amazingly small PNG images. I still refer to this topic frequently, as seven years later, the average PNG I encounter on the Internet is very unlikely to be optimized. For example, consider this recent Perry Bible Fellowship cartoon.

Joel on Software

Everything about how Stack Overflow works today was designed to make programmers' jobs easier. We let members vote up answers, so we can show you the best answer first. We don't allow opinionated questions, because they descend into flame wars that don't help people who need an answer right now.

Bits and Pieces

I've seen two good documentaries lately, Codebreaker and Ivory Tower. Neither gets a straight A from me, but they're both worth watching. Codebreaker is the story of Alan Turing, the founding father and patron saint of computer science. Turing died of suicide at age 41 in 1954.

There are some great ways to link computing and all the other subjects on the school curriculum, but there's a particularly strong argument for making connections with mathematics. As a discipline, computing owes its origins to mathematics. Babbage's analytical engine...

A+ Computer Science Blog -

Judy Hromcik and I will be conducting an AP Computer Science 2 day workshop on January 22-23 in Richardson, Texas. We will cover the new AP CS A Labs, changes to the AP CS A exam, Tips to get all students to make a 5, and lots of general information about AP Computer Science A and a bit about AP CS Principles.

Computational Complexity

Rūsiņš Mārtiņš Freivalds passed away on Monday from a heart attack at the age of 73. I met Freivalds several times often through Carl Smith, who passed away himself in 2004. Rūsiņš, Carl, Bill, myself and a couple of others have a joint paper on inductive inference and measure theory.

Consulting in mathematics, statistics, and scientific computing

You can arrange a standard set of dominoes into a magic square of sorts. There are 28 dominoes, each with two ends, so the number of ends isn't a perfect square. But if you ignore the row of blanks at the bottom, you have a 7 by 7 square where every row, column, and diagonal add to 24.



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