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Life Changing Must Read Mindfulness Articles


Here is a very good list of mindfulness articles that will get you practicing NOW.


This list will give you a head start in using mindfulness in a very practical way, anytime you need it.

The Truth About Mindfulness

First things first. Mindfulness, in many cases, is not the hype you're seeing lately all over the media. It's not some quick-fix solution to all of life's problems. While it's scientifically proven to have beneficial effects, it's not like a fad diet or magic pill that you take once and change your life forever.


The Ultimate Guide to Your Nervous Breakdown

The Ultimate Guide to Your Nervous Breakdown

Find a safe place. Sit down and close your eyes. Slowly breathe in and out in a comfortable rhythm. Make sure you're not chest breathing, but expanding and contracting your abdomen. Begin to watch your breathing, in and out. Breathe in for a comfortable count. Breathe out for a comfortable count.


How to Eliminate Work Stress with Mindfulness

This One Thing Eliminated Most of My Work Stress

If you work for someone else, you are in essence trading your life for money. While we should all be grateful for the ability to earn money and pay for the necessities, this article is about something else. It's about when work becomes our sole identity, and the huge life rift it creates that many don't see until it's way too late.


Stop Addiction to Distraction with Mindfulness

Why This Addiction Could Be Ruining Your Life, and Four Things You Should About It Now

Have you ever met someone who, no matter what you talk to them about, can't stay on topic for more than a few sentences? They start off in a conversation, and by the time you're finished talking to them, like three minutes later, you've had the topic changed on you ten times.


How to Calm Yourself Down and Chill Out

How to Calm Yourself Down and Chill Out

So you're driving down the street, minding your own business, when out of nowhere, some other car races past you, cuts you off within a couple of inches of your front bumper, slams on their brakes, then speeds off into nowhere. You have split seconds to react.


How to Reduce Cortisol - 19 Different Ways

19 Different Tips on How to Reduce Cortisol

Cortisol has become a punching bag and is blamed for a whole host of problems. If you've landed here on this page, you're probably aware of them. If not, there's a huge article here that details the havok that this hormone can wreak on you.


How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

How To Do Mindfulness Meditation

There are many different types of meditation, but they all seek the same ends. Those being peace, tranquility, understanding, higher brain function, less stress, and ultimately, self-realization, or enlightenment. While many forms exist, one really stands out and will be the topic of this article.