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NorCal Top WR's Class of 2017

Here is our NorCal Top Class of 2017 Wide Receiver list. This list will expand as the off-season moves on with additional film review, recruiting news and camp/combine performances. Please submit any players you would like us to review to This list consists of players from CCS, NCS, Northern and SJS Sections.

6'3, 195 Isaiah Hodgins (Berean Christian) NCS

Offers: Oregon St, San Jose St, Washington, Colorado, Colorado St, Hawaii, Washington St, Wyoming
2015 Season Stats: 94 Rec, 1483 Rec Yards, 29 Total TD's - 6 Int's

  • Great hands and pro size
  • Good athlete, excels at the deep ball, can also work short game
  • Exciting playmaker, has huge upside
6'0, 195 Isaiah Lewis (Granite Bay) CCS

OFFERS: Colorado

2015 Season Stats: 600+ Total Yards, 5 Total TD's - 2 Int's

  • Aggressive, physical athlete who can play RB. Corner, Safety or WR
  • Excellent top-end speed, good size
  • Can contribute in multiple ways on a team, versatile
6'2, 175 Alex Cook (Sheldon) SJS

Offers: Oregon, Washington, Washington State, Oregon State, San Jose St, Hawaii, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Cal, UCLA
2015 Season Stats: 1160 Total Yards, 8 Total TD's

  • Aggressive WR who will go up and snatch the rock
  • Good quality speed in the open field, good athlete
  • Also a good DB, not afraid to tackle
  • Great Hands
6'0, 170 Damon Cole (El Cerrito) NCS

Offers: Utah St, Sacramento St, Wyoming, Hawaii
2015 Season Stats: 1640 Total Yards, 19 Total TD's

  • Legit 4.4 speed (40), sprinter on the football field
  • Liable to break a kick/punt at any moment, great vision and ability to set up blocks
  • Big play gamebreaker, good route runner and soft hands, deep threat
6'2, 185 Drake Stallworth (Folsom) SJS

OFFERS: Nevada, Navy
2015 Season Stats: 24 Rec, 457 Rec Yards, 9 Total TD's - 5 Int's

  • Incredible speed, sub 4.5 (40), can take the top off defense
  • Quality DB as well, can tackle and cover well
  • Legitimate deep threat, understands how to get behind secondary
6'3, 195 Gavin Reinwald (Elk Grove) SJS

OFFERS: Wyoming
2015 Season Stats: 45 Rec, 853 Yards, 13 TD's

  • Good size and speed to go with it, strong mature skill player
  • Wins the jump ball using timing and good concentration
  • Versatile player who could possibly convert to TE, good blocker
6'0, 185 Cutrell Haywood (Stagg) SJS

OFFERS: Eastern Washington
2015 Season Stats: 62 Rec, 915 Yards, 11 TD's - 5 Int's

  • Speedy playmaker who is looking to score after the catch
  • Good DB and dangerous in return game
  • Good tracking ability on deep balls and crisp route runner
5'9, 170 Eric Davis (Folsom) SJS

Offers; Northern Colorado

2015 Season Stats: 48 Rec, 730 Yards, 10 Total TD's

  • Prototype slot WR, great releases, routes and hands
  • Dangerous after the catch, excellent moves and breakaway speed
  • A threat in the return game, great vision
6'0, 185 Tyrese Mack (Heritage) NCS

2015 Season Stats: 500+ Rush Yards, 500+ Rec Yards, 16 Total TD's

  • Good balance and break tackle ability - deceptive speed
  • Versatile ball player, can be used inside, outside or carry the ball
  • Nose for the endzone, extremely productive junior season
6'2, 175 Dawson Weber (Pleasant Grove) SJS

OFFERS: Air Force

2015 Season Stats: 43 Rec, 675 Rec Yards, 11 Total TD's

  • Nice athlete with good cutting ability in routes and carrying the ball
  • Aggressive football player, likes to block and will hit you on defense
  • Good hands and deceptive run after catch moves
5'9, 170 Kier Gibson-Adams (Rocklin) SJS

2015 Season Stats: 1150 Total Yards, 9 Total TD

  • Excellent run after catch, great moves - dynamic return man
  • Can play in the slot or outside, great speed and quickness
  • Good route runner, gets in and out of breaks well
6'4, 190 Calvin Grover (Downey) SJS

Offers: Sacramento State
2015 Season Stats: 39 Rec, 773 Yards, 3 TD's

  • Excellent on the jump ball, great concentration in traffic
  • Extremely athletic for size, good route runner and YAC
  • Good releases off the line, can play inside or outside WR
6-2, 197 Anthony Flores (Valley Christian) CCS
  • Excellent size and good speed
  • Good jump ball ability
  • Extremely productive senior year on run dominated team
6'0, 175 Sanjay Kettles (St. Mary's of Berkeley) NCS

Offers: University of San Diego

2015 Season Stats: 30 Rec, 679 Yards, 9 TD's

  • Physical and quick, plays both ways and is all over the field
  • Great releases against press and downfield jam, polished WR
  • Can play inside or outside WR, good athlete
5'5, 165 Dewey Cotton (St. Mary's of Stockton) SJS

Offers: Sacramento State

2015 Season Stats: 1600+ Total Yards, 13 Total TD's

  • Exciting underneath receiver who can turn 2 yards, into 60
  • Outstanding speed and route running, very tough to cover
  • Dangerous in the return game, playmaker
5'9, 155 Damian Wallace (Cardinal-Newman) NCS
  • Smart slot type WR who understands how to work against zone
  • Tough, not afraid to make difficult catches in traffic
  • Good speed and vision, dangerous in return game
5'9, 175 Ethan Baker-Greene (Bishop O'Dowd) NCS

2015 Season Stats: 974 Total Yards, 13 Total TD's

  • Strong and physical, very hard to tackle after the catch
  • Understands how to get open against defenses
  • Versatile player who also carries the football, 13 Total TD's in 2015
5'8, 150 Dominic Harper (San Leandro) NCS

2015 Season Stats: 1106 Rec Yards, 7 Total TD's

  • Super fast downhill runner who can cut without slowing down
  • Can get behind defenses and beat you on underneath crossing routes
  • Possibly one of top return men in NorCal, a threat to the house on every touch
5'11, 165 Trejon Hawkins (Liberty)

2015 Season Stats: 25 Rec, 627 Yards, 8 TD's

  • Big play threat, averaged over 25 YPC!
  • Smooth route runner who understands how to get separation
  • Deceptively fast and great hands
6'4, 200 Alex Wilson (Redwood) NCS

2015 Season Stats: 30 Rec, 419 Rec Yards, 2 Total TD's - 4 Int's

  • Prototype size and lots of room for growth skill wise, potential
  • Big physical WR with great hands
  • Active player who also likes to play DB
6'2, 190 Jack Hogeboom (Marin Catholic)

2015 Season Stats: 34 Rec, 687 Total Yards, 3 Total TD's

  • Polished, crisp route runner
  • Great hands, does not have trouble making catches in traffic
  • Good size and physicality, tough football player who also can also play DB
6'2, 185 Kalei Aukai (Santa Rosa) NCS
  • Good return man for size, has good vision
  • Very hard to tackle after the catch, strong with a long stride
  • Lots of room for growth as a WR, potential, good athleticism
6'1, 190 Lucas Triplett (Fort Bragg) NCS

2015 Season Stats: 100 Rec, 1400+ Rec Yards, 19 TD's - 8 Int's

  • Solid possession receiver, one of the top WR in nation statistically
  • Amazing hands, outstanding concentration
  • Productivity can not be ignored, 100 Receptions and 8 Interceptions
6'4, 185 Payton Williams (Pleasant Valley) Northern

2015 Season Stats: 36 Rec, 536 Yards, 9 TD's

  • Big solid possession receiver
  • Excellent in short game, curls , outs, comebacks
  • Lots of room for growth at next level
6'0, 172 Pierre Williams (Patterson) SJS

2015 Season Stats: 51 Rec, 789 Yards, 7 TD-

  • Crafty route runner, gets separation
  • Great hands, not afraid to go across middle
  • Can play inside or outside receiver, good moves after catch