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Updated by Tiffany Sun on Jan 13, 2016
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Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing

What should I write to get CEOs, founders, the big players in my industry to open and read my emails? What's the best approach to connect with highly reputable people? How do I craft the perfect business email?

I'll scratch whatever question that itches you - that is if it's related to emails, writing, or marketing.

The Secret to Easy Backlinks? My 3-Step Email Outreach.

There's no shortcuts to backlinking. The only way is if you have $23,673,509 to spend on backlinking. BUT, I have a much more economical approach that will double, triple, or quadruple the chance of you getting backlinks. How? It's simple - email outreach. This doesn't mean mass-spamming people with a dry, generic template.

How To Find Someone's Real Email Address In Under A Minute | Rabbut

Let's admit - we have all been guilty of stalking people. By that, I mean digging through their personal stuff and finding their email address. And that's okay! As long as you're not planning to be the Internet's #1 spammer, getting email addresses is the best way for to build B2C relationships, spread your brand name and get sale leads.

How to hide your true identity (your real email address) with an email alias

Note: this is for business Gmail users only. Ever wanted a "fake" email to send and receive messages without worrying about checking multiple accounts? Well, what you're looking for is an email alias. An alias is like the cover-up for your real email address. Think of movie star names vs their actual names.

7 ways to get any boss to respond to your emails | Rabbut

What should I put on the subject line? When should I email him/her? Should I sound professional or should I play it cool? These are all questions I take very seriously in my line of business (email marketing), because what you say and what you do matters.

A One Minute Guide: How to Change the Email Sender's Name

Note: This guide is for those who own a business gmail account, but can also work for personal gmail accounts. When it comes to making the final decision whether we should open an email message, it's often based on the sender's name.

The 5 Posts Every Email Marketer Needs To Know About

Luckily, I've collected the highest quality articles that talk about the latest tips on email marketing. In the end, you'll be able to write a good email to anyone, get more people subscribed to your email list, and most importantly, build your brand. After all, that's your reputation - through email.

What Tone Should I Use For My Email?

Using the right tone in your email is like setting the right table decorations for a dinner party. Do it right and you gain a better relationship with your guests (email respondents). Do it inappropriately, and you cause your readers to ignore, delete, overreact to your message or worse, mark it as spam.