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Updated by James Smith on Jan 19, 2016
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Stocks Trading

I have decided to try and save my entire paycheck in 2016, after taxes of course. I will manage to do that by taking the maximum contributions to my 401 (k) and Health Savings Account (H S A) plans. After speaking with several reps at my 401 (k) administrator, I learned that I can make after-tax contributions, which can be converted to Roth.

Dual ETF Momentum Update

Scott’s Investments provides a free “Dual ETF Momentum” spreadsheet which was originally created in February 2013. The strategy was inspired by a paper written by Gary Antonacci and available on Optimal Momentum.

Trading Strategies in r

R is widely used by analysts and traders around the world to develop quantitative trading strategies which can be executed manually or through program trading. This is an introductory course for beginners in R to get familiarized with a trading strategy and experience coding a technical indicator in R.

R quantmod Package

It is a rapid prototyping environment where enthusiasts can explore various technical indicators with minimum effort. It offers charting facilities that is not available elsewhere in R. Quantmod package makes modeling easier and analysis simple.

Rise of HFT in Emerging Markets

Counter to the usual notion, HFT actually is quite popular in the Indian trading scene. If you haven’t made up your mind already, consider the following arguments:

Amibroker chart afl coding Algo trading

Now Initiate your Algo trade with Harun Stocks Afl coding with 80% Success ratio, Select your Trading scrip and initiate your trade in seconds.

Basic statistics for algorithmic trading

In this presentation we try to understand the core basics of statistics and its application in algorithmic trading.

I posted my goals for 2016 a few weeks ago. After some changes that I became aware of subsequent to posting the article, I have some changes. I have had some change in plans about my goals for 2016. I have decided to essentially live off dividends in 2016. I will be spending my dividend income that comes from my taxable accounts. My annual expenses are close to $18,000 – 24,000/year. My taxable dividends are approximately $10,000 - $11,000/year ( out of $14,000 - $15,000 in total dividend income). The shortfall could be covered by any side income activities I engage in.

Jack in the Box is ready to spring higher

Jack in the Box ($JACK) stock had a great run higher in 2014, back when falling oil prices were supposed to be good for dining out, or whatever the narrative was. But 2015 was not so great for the stock price, it has pulled back by that magical Fibonacci ratio of 38.2% from the top near 100 and has been consolidating in a range since September.

UK income fund with the professionals

Richard Colwell’s £3.2bn Threadneedle UK Equity Income fund is the most popular UK equity income fund with multi-asset managers in the Investment Association universe, according to the latest FE Trustnet study, overtaking Artemis Income which sat at the top of the list last year.

Finance and Health Apps

When it is about mobile security, there is always a disparity in the confidence of the customers on the level of security that their mobile application provides, especially the finance and health apps. They always suspect on the degree of openness of these apps to the hack techniques available now.

Cochin Shipyard IPO

Indian Government today has approved the initial public offering of Cochin shipyard. The Cochin shipyard was permitted to offload 10 percentages of its stakes in the initial public offering. Cochin shipyard is the largest ship building center in the country that also has the largest repair facilities under its control.

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