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Vaping Communities

Here is a list of some of the best vaping communities on the web

e-cigs * /r/electronic_cigarette

The Vaping community on the the Electronic Cigarette section of Reddit has quickly become one of the biggest and most active Vaping communities on the web. I think one thing that makes it so nice is even though you have a bunch of sub-reedits the majority of the content is on one page.

Unlike forms where you have to click all day to read what everyone is saying. That and the inherited linking and voting structure makes for a great place to share info and ideas. This spot is a must for anyone looking for a solid active place to hang out.


  • - Community Size: 8
  • - Activity: 8
  • Range of Topics: 6
Vaping Underground Forums - An Ecig and Vaping Forum

Vaping Underground is an oldie but goodie. This is one of those communities that has had a very dedicated group of vapers that really keep the site alive and feeling fresh overtime you visit. Easy to navigate and everything you need is at the starting page in one column.

This is one of the first vaping forums I started reading when I started vaping and I got a ton of really great info from it. They have a ton of side forums from Cloud chasing, Coil building and new to advanced vapers.


  • Discussions: 174,308
  • Messages: 856,770
  • Members: 37,782
E-Cigarette Forum

I am pretty sure that E-Cigarette Forum is the first or if not one of the first E-cig/Vaping communities that really took hold on the web.

They have a ton of sub-forums. Forums ranging from everyt topic or category you could think of. New vapers, Making E-juice, coil building, A section for Veterans and much more.
With a ton of sub forums you will have endless topics and things to chat and learn about. They have a cool section of the site for Vaping coupons from vaping companies around the web.


  • Discussions: 589,142
  • Messages: 16,290,504
  • Members: 237,784
Vaping Forum - Planet of the Vapes

The UK Based Vaping community Planet of the Vapes is much more than a simple forum. They not only have a ton of forums and sub forums but they have their own E-juice calculator that you can use to mix your own e-liquid, along with section with tons of recipes.

They have a big section for vaping guides, a section for discount codes, and a shop and this site is starting to look more like an empire than a simple Vaping community.


  • Discussions: 87,279
  • Messages: 995,025
  • Members: 28,644
AussieVapers | The original Australian e-cigarette community

Aussie Vapers is well an Australian Vaping community. The nice thing about it is you don't have to be from Australia to use this site and feel like you are one with the Koala. With a ton of sub forums you can find just about anything you could want. From a new Vapers section to a DIY E-liquid area for sharing recipes
Aussie Vapers doesn't have anything that really makes it stand out other than the level of activity in the community and the friendly ness of the members. Im not sure if its an Aussie thing but I do enjoy this forum.

Discussions: 33,154
Messages: 724,115
Members: 11,285

UK Vapers

UK Vapers is a Vaping Community that like a few on this list doesn't have every bell and whistle that some communities like Planet of the Vapes but that is ok. What they lack in features they make up for in user activity and engagement .

UK Vapers has a bunch of Vendor Specific forums for shops and web sites. They also have a section for DIY E-liquid and the Mixology of mixing E-liquid. This is a forum you should definite not miss out.


  • Discussions: 103,208
  • Messages: 1,451,641
  • Members: 31,652
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