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Headline for Silica Gel Has Ability To Adsorb Large Amounts Of Water
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Silica Gel Has Ability To Adsorb Large Amounts Of Water

Silica gel has the ability to adsorb large amounts of water, as well as other substances, including aromatics, C12, CO2, and HC1. It has the capacity to adsorb 40% of its weight of water vapors.

Silica Gel For Drying variety of Industrial Products.

Silica Gel is a well-known desiccant used mainly to adsorb water vapour from the surroundings. Synthetically manufactured from sodium silicate, Silica Gel is mainly a granular and porous type of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). The adsorbent is manufactured both in granular (with hard, irregular shape of crystals) and beaded (even-sized spherical) form. Silica Gel is known to have a very large surface area, which exposes it to maximum water vapour and hence it is able to absorb more moisture.

Silica Gel Crystals

Silica gel is well popular adsorbent used for controlling the moisture in range of industries and applications. The main purpose of using silica gel is to prevent the moisture and humidity to damage the products and equipment. It is considered as the most effective way to keep the level of moisture moderate, so that it cannot affect the packaging products and other applications.


Silica Gel Blue Crystals

Silica Gel Blue Crystals

Silica gel blue crystals are generally looks like glassy and semi transparent substance that contains cobalt as an indicator. Basically, the inner structure of crystals has the ability to attract and hold the hydrocarbons, chemicals and others. When the crystals turn into pink color, it indicates that silica gel has adsorbed the moisture to its capacity and needs to be replaced or regenerated.

Various Uses of Silica Gel For Protect Our Product From Water Damage.

Silica Gel use in Everyday Life

1) Save Mobile Phone from Water Damage
2) Keep photographs intact
3) Remove Fog from Windshields
4) Protect Silverware...

Silica Gel Blue Crystals

Semi-transparent silica gel blue crystals indicators manufacturing by Swambe Chemicals for industrial applications, get in bulk quantity with free samples.