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Updated by Sue Lambert on Jan 12, 2016
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How to Renovate Your Office Space for Increased Staff Productivity

It’s widely accepted that place is one of the most important considerations for sufficient focus, as how comfortable you are in your surrounding environment greatly affects your ability to concentrate well. As such, organisations should emphasise improving working environments for their employees, in order to maximise staff happiness and focus, and ultimately increase productivity. Here are some of the things you can do to improve the conditions of your workspace and better efficiency:


Office layout

Office layout

There has been a lot of discussion about whether a closed cubicle or open office layout is best for promoting productivity, however, everyone works differently and there is no conclusive evidence either way. Although closed spaces allow for privacy, more offices are shifting towards creating an open environment, allowing employees to socially interact and work together as opposed to being isolated. Having an open work layout with shared work desks can also enable improved collaboration or spontaneous interjections to encourage creative thinking.



Studies suggest that a well-designed office can increase productivity by around 20%. A visually attractive working environment will help to motivate staff and increase happiness, much more than a dull workspace with worn furniture or equipment. Opt for colours, designs and furniture that will influence a more positive mind set; businesses often overlook changes in office design, however, an inviting space that expresses your brand identity and company goals will impress clients and make staff feel more valued and involved in the company.




Ergonomics look to improve working conditions for employees and minimise potential health risks. Investing in quality furniture that can easily be adjusted, optimising lighting to prevent strain, and making sure that staff are comfortable with their screens and any other equipment is vital to boosting productivity and ensuring safety in the workplace.


Quality of the working environment

The health of staff should be a priority when aiming to increase productivity in the office. Improving the quality of the office space, with factors including air quality, noise, smell and temperature, will help to maintain employee health and their ability to focus.


The individual desk space

The individual desk space

A cluttered and organised workspace is detrimental to productivity, as employees may find it more difficult to find what they need or properly focus on key information. Keeping a clean, tidy environment will encourage concentration and work productivity. Only keep what’s needed on desk spaces and make sure that items are properly filed and organised.


Planning for change

If you’re expecting company growth or are scaling down, you’ll need to plan for employee comfortability as the office layout changes. Mobile furniture is a good option for those with limited space, as you’ll be able to adjust the layout to best suit your working needs and create the most comfortable environment for staff to work more effectively.