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Guest Posts & Link Building

All Guest Posts for AdNgin under Eyal Katz or Amnon Lahav. Ranky posts will include a note.

Top 6 Fundamental A/B Tests Necessary to Achieving Your Goals - Conversion Optimization Blog

When Conversion Managers think of goals, they naturally gravitate towards ROI focused conversion metrics. That's why many A/B test experiments focus on producing lift from small changes to on-page elements like images, videos, or buttons, that are directly responsible for directing traffic to conversions.

Content Marketing by Eyal Katz Eyal Katz is an online marketer that specializes in the SAAS business model. Presently, Eyal heads marketing operations for AdNgin, a startup that provides publishers with an easy to use testing platform to increase ad revenue. Let's face it: You're not Neil Patel or Gary Vaynerchuck.

18 Things Publishers Can Do To Improve banner ad performance

"Hey look over here...we have what you need" illustrates the two main challenges advertisers face and have always faced. First, how to capture the audience's attention. Second, once we have their attention, how do we sell them something. The reason these two edicts are so challenging is because the advertising highway, leading from initial attention to closing a sale, has several exits.

4 Tools to Improve Your Website's Monetization in 2015

While you may not have made your website for the sole purpose of making money, it certainly couldn't hurt, right? Let's be honest- many of us are depending on some sort of income from our websites to make ends meet around here.

5 AdSense Optimization Hacks that will Produce ROI

All of us webmasters out there are asking the same question: what actions can I take to see a direct affect on my ROI? While there's no shortage of optimization tactics out there, it's essential you're making the right decisions for your business.

How The Matrix Taught us to Increase Revenue Despite Ad Blockers

Today's post is a guest contribution that provides an interesting perspective on website testing from businesses that generate advertising revenue. Remember that scene from the Matrix? Cypher and Agent Smith are having dinner at a restaurant. A fine steak is followed up by an expensive cigar, and Cypher tells Agent Smith that "ignorance is bliss."

5 Reasons Why You Should Still Use Google AdSense

This is a guest post by Eyal Katz. Eyal is Head of Marketing at AdNgin a testing and optimization platform that allows publishers to increase ad revenue through continuous and automated testing. Digital innovation is happening everywhere... and that includes ad monetization strategies.

How Customer Data Takes Guesswork Out of Lead Scoring | D&B

As B2B companies get bigger, so does the importance of lead scoring. Consider Cisco, for example. The networking giant receives more leads than its sales team can filter, assess and act upon. (For reference, one of its CRMs has more than 160M companies.) As personable and caring as the company's account reps may be, they're not machines.

21 Quick Tips (and Resources) To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization is incredibly important to the discussion of buying and selling websites - especially if you are in the market to buy a website. Think about it: if you want to make a great acquisition, you would ideally find a website that you can quickly, and easily grow without exposing your investment to a lot of risk.

50 B2B Lead Generation Ideas from the Experts

Leads are the lifeblood of any B2B company, but coming up with new ideas for how to increase leads can be a challenge. To help you generate new lead gen ideas, we went lout and interviewed some of the top experts in B2B lead generation from companies like Moz, Marketo, and DemandBase to get their best ideas and strategies for generating more leads.

Exclusive: Hands on with RideWith - Google's UberX killer

Beta testing in Israel, Waze's new carpooling app shows some promise with a nice side of caveats. Here's what we saw after testing it out In July, Waze introduced its new ride-sharing service RideWith, which will enable drivers to receive payments for taking passengers in their cars.

עם הפתרון של AdNgin הישראלית תוכלו לעשות פחות ולהרוויח יותר

הפתרון של AdNgin מסייע לבעלי אתרים להניב רווחים רבים יותר ממודעות פרסומיות, כמו גם לייעל את חוויית המשתמש באתר הסטארטאפ הישראלי AdNgin מציע פלטפורמה אוטומטית לניהול מונוטזציה של בעלי אתרים. ניהול המונטזיציה של אתר הוא תהליך מורכב ודי תובעני, הן מבחינת הזמן והן מבחינת הידע שנדרש על מנת לבצע את זה בצורה מיטבית.

What Gets More Clicks? Two Banner Ads On The Right Or Left? - WhichTestWon

Location. Location. Location! You may have heard this saying applied to real estate. This test shows screen real estate is similar. The location, or placement, of your content is critical - especially when it comes to advertising. Over time, your visitors will likely develop banner blindness to your ads.

63 Examples of Great Content Marketing from Top Pros

FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ Content marketing is everywhere, but not all content marketing is exceptional. As content marketing continues to grow in popularity as businesses realize the value in using content to connect with and engage target audiences, the volume of content on the web (and in the real...

Review: How Adngin Increased My Adsense Earnings By 188%

"Knowledge is power." Yup, this is certainly true when it comes to improving the performance of your ads. If you are constantly wondering why your ads don't convert, users of your website don't click your ads or you just can't measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, then you need the help of AdNgin.

How to Increase Your AdSense Earnings Without Increasing Traffic

To increase your AdSense earnings, you have to first increase your overall website search traffic, right? Wrong. There's a proven strategy to quickly grow your ad revenue without increasing your blog traffic. The only problem with the AdSense is, you can't make more money if you don't know how to strategically place your ads.

4 Step Strategy to Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings As A Beginner

Who else wants to increase Google AdSense earnings? We all know that, Google AdSense is the most popular and reliable earning methods to make money online. Majority of the people start blogging to use Google AdSense to earn money in their free time.

10 Startups to Help Your Ad Revenue Skyrocket in 2016

Today, we have a guest post from Eyal Katz, Head of Marketing Operations at AdNgin. You may remember Eyal from our September post interviewing marketing professionals on their advice and perspective. He is sharing his expertise with us and delving into a carefully curated list of 10 startups that will help your ad revenue skyrocket in 2016.

Adngin Review (More Ad Revenue with AdSense Testing) - FAT Stacks Entrepreneur

This Adngin review explains what this ad testing and optimization service offers and how it's different from other similar services.

The Latest Update on my Quest for Making Money with Bitcoin Faucets

If you haven’t read my original post about how to make money from Bitcoin faucets, you should do so now. Also, there is one additional follow-up post that is important for you to read before reading this post.

Tool Recommendation: Adngin - An Adsense Optimizers Dream

Today I’ve got a gem for you – a tool that doesn’t just make optimizing Adsense installations easier – it makes the whole process easy: Adngin. But before I dive into what Adngin does and does great, I need to explain the problem!

Review: How Adngin Increased My Adsense Earnings By 188%

Here is a review + study case about AdNgin increasing my Adsense earnings!

Adsense Optimization for Maximizing Website Yield & Monetization with AdNgin

AdNgin increase Google AdSense CTR through continuous testing and optimization. The company was founded in 2015 in Tel Aviv by ex Matomy founders and its headquarters is now in NYC. For the past year, we have experienced exponential growth and now provide our platform and optimization services to over 1,000 Google AdSense and AdX publishers worldwide.