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Refugee Talks

TEDTalks and TEDxTalks by, for, and on refugees and the refugee crisis.


Paz para Vocês | Talal Al-Tinawi | TEDxSaoPaulo

Talal Al-Tinawi is a Syrian refugee in Brazil, where he founded "Talal Comida Síria". He is an engineer, married with 3 children.

Refugee Stories or The Grace of the Birthplace | Karim El-Gawhary | TEDxDonauinsel

Karim El-Gawhary shares stories he collected talking to refugees who fled from Syria. He talks about his work as an correspondent covering the middle east, in times were mortal fear is an everyday issue. Karim El-Gawhary was born as a child of an Egyptian father and a German mother.

What if we helped refugees to help themselves? | Alexander Betts | TEDxVienna

Today, Europe is facing a mass influx of refugees, just as it did when Alexander Betts began working on this topics, 16 years ago. Politicians and the international community are struggling to deal with or even formulate a common answer.

What if you were a refugee? | Salah Ammo | TEDxVienna

Salah arrived in Vienna as a refugee in 2013 with only his instrument and a small suitcase. In 2014, he was a finalist of the 'Austrian World Music Award' and his Album ASSI was nominated for the 'Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik'.

Human from this Planet | Mohammed Kazkji | TEDxYouth@Prague

Mohammed shared his story about the shipwreck and also revealed how the war in Syria changed his perspective of his own future. Mohammed has always wanted to become a doctor in his hometown in Syria. His wish didn't come true. He left Syria on a ship after the conflict started.

Melissa Fleming: How to help refugees rebuild their world

Today's refugee crisis is the biggest since World War II, and it's growing. When this talk was given, 50 million people had been forcefully displaced from their homes by conflict and war; now, a year later, the number is 60 million. There were 3 million Syrian refugees in 2014; now there are 4 million.

Melissa Fleming: A boat carrying 500 refugees sunk at sea. The story of two survivors

Aboard an overloaded ship carrying more than 500 refugees, a young woman becomes an unlikely hero. This single, powerful story, told by Melissa Fleming of the UN's refugee agency, gives a human face to the sheer numbers of human beings trying to escape to better lives ...

Being a refugee is not a choice: Carina Hoang at TEDxPerth

Refugees are often marginalised, their humanity ignored as their stories go untold. In this remarkable and emotional talk, however, author and former refugee Carina Hoang discusses her experience as a "boat person". It's a powerful account that is impossible to ignore.

The refugee boat hero who saved a child and stirred a continent | Melissa Fleming | TEDxThessaloniki

"Everyday we listen to harrowing stories of people fleeing for their lives, across dangerous borders, and unfriendly seas". The Syrian war has driven almost 4 million people over the borders; over 7 million are on the run inside the country; over half the Syrian population has been forced to flee.

The truth about refugees | Faiza El-Higzi | TEDxQUT

These days there is a major movement of refugees from the Middle East into Europe that is shifting public opinion and polarising people. Faiza El-Higzi asks what small change can we make so Australia can welcome more refugees?

António Guterres: Refugees have the right to be protected

UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres thinks that we can solve the global refugee crisis -- and he offers compelling, surprising reasons why we must try. In conversation with TED's Bruno Giussani, Guterres discusses the historical causes of the current crisis and outlines the mood of the European countries that are trying to screen, shelter and resettle hundreds of thousands of desperate families.

Vincent Cochetel: I was held hostage for 317 days. Here's what I thought about...

Vincent Cochetel was held hostage for 317 days in 1998, while working for the UN High Commissioner on Refugees in Chechnya. For the first time, he recounts the experience - from what it was like to live in a dark, underground chamber, chained to his bed, to the unexpected conversations he had with his captors.

I Belong | Maha Mamo | TEDxSaoPauloSalon

Maha fala do direito de pertencer e da campanha I Belong das Nações Unidas Maha Mamo é apátrida. Mudei para o Brasil há 2 anos como refugiada. Trabalha na Ag...

Musical Performance 1 | Os Escolhidos | TEDxSaoPaulo

Music performance by refugee band Os Escolhidos at TEDxSãoPaulo.
Os Escolhidos é um grupo formado por refugiados e imigrantes da República Democrática do Congo.