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UX Mentions / Quotes

Andrew is a sought-after UX thought leader and is featured in numerous articles as an expert in UX and mentioned as a source on podcasts and webcasts.

Why the user experience is one of the best investments you can make - Registria

User experience is a hot topic in today’s business world. And for good reason, because as companies adapt to new technology, trends, and consumer demands, an effective user experience is critical to business success. That sentiment is being echoed by industry leaders like Andrew Kucheriavy, founder and CEO of Intechnic. Kucheriavy contended in a recent article published in Forbes that the business case for experience design is “a matter of survival.” In fact, only half of consumers are satisfied with a business’s mobile experiences. Consumers expect more, better, faster—and there is pressure on companies to keep pace. Technology is transforming organizations and there is a growing interest in the trends that are most likely to impact experience design, maximize profits and minimize costs.

To create great UX, it will require investment in resources, process & vision. Will it be worth it? We think so. The tangible Returns on Investment (ROI) make creating great UX a smart business decision.

The problem with insurance is bad user experience (via Passle)

The problem- "Insurance companies are accustomed to making money off of friction, like making claims processes unnecessarily difficult...

Episode 91 - Digital CX Refresh - Socially Supportive

Frankie Saucier created the Socially Supportive podcast because believes that in order to advance digital and social customer care, leaders must come together in a community where colleagues can collaborate on the latest strategies and discuss the best technology. The Socially Supportive podcast creates a space for that community to thrive. She is also the Founder and CEO of Socially Supportive, a digital consultancy that helps brands communicate effectively with customers online. Frankie is a member of several consortiums, including the Social Care Leaders Group, an international group of leaders in the digital and social care space. She has over 20 years' experience in customer experience, including 7 years creating and running the digital customer support team at the 3rd largest cable company in the U.S. She also holds a bachelors in Mass Communications.

UX vs. UI: THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAILS - Webcopy+ Content Matters

What’s the difference between UX and UI — and does this impact the work of the web designer or web content writer?

UX design and the certs that can help you grasp it - CertMag

The rapidly growing field of UX design is essential to the business aims of many firms, and certification can help you master it.

Why More Companies Are Putting Big Money Into UX | Adobe Blog

The case for user experience design is becoming an increasingly important part of many organizations' strategies, which might explain why so many UX agencies, firms and p...

How to Survive as Your Company’s Solo UXer – UX Mastery

What are the secrets to success as a solo UX designer in your organisation? Doug Collins shares actionable advice on how solo UXers can create a culture of great user experience.

The data you collect from customers tells you who they are, what they like, and most importantly, how to most effectively market to them. But in order to actually make use of this data, you have to know your Key Performance Indicators, how your data is organized, and which elements really matter for decision making.

13.5 expert opinions on balancing business and user objectives | WhatUsersDo Blog

What happens when business user objectives don't meet? We asked 13.5 UX, CRO, eCommerce and Marketing experts how they balance business and user objectives.

User testing is the most effective way to find out if your product will succeed when it gets to market. Physically sitting down with users and watching them navigate your product, service, or site can show you what works, what doesn't, and where things could be improved.

But not all user testing is created equal. To be effective, you have to eliminate your own biases and really listen to what testers are saying. To help you prepare, eight executives from Forbes Technology Council offer their best tips for highly effective user testing.

Vetting a potential technical hire is straightforward. You look at a candidate's resume, conduct a series of interviews, walk through a technical problem together, and go from there. It's a fairly standard, if rigorous, process.

But what about a technical consultant? When considering someone who won't be a full-time technical hire, it still pays to put them through a similar interview process. Below, nine technology executives from Forbes Technology Council offer their insights on how to vet a potential new technical consultant to ensure they have the necessary expertise for the job.

Ask a UXpert: What is the best way to prevent getting too attached to your designs? | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

Perhaps the hardest part about any great work is learning to let it go. We asked several user experience and web design experts what they do to prevent getting too attached to their work, and what we learned is that designing an experience or a product is a lot like dating.

Whether offering programming classes for kids or designing games around learning to code, it's up to our generation to push younger folks towards technology.

Cultivating curiosity and encouraging creation are both great ways to get kids on this path. As well, 13 technology leaders from Forbes Technology Council offer their ideas on ways we can encourage the next generation to create technology, rather than just consume it.

Every leader's dream is to follow in Apple's footsteps and build a cult-like following around their product. However, figuring out how to get consumers excited about your technical product isn't easy.

From giving your product a personality to making users a core part of the development process, there are a few ways you can get consumers pumped for your launches and your brand. Below, six members of Forbes Technology Council weigh in on their suggestions for building a following around your tech.

While most people understand that a well-designed website is important, they underestimate the full impact their UX choices have.

From designing with a global audience in mind to auto-filling forms with 'opt-outs' instead of 'opt-ins,' seven technology leaders from Forbes Technology Council offer their best, lesser-known UX tips to help other website owners improve their online portals.

Currently, good UX design focuses on obvious navigation, uncluttered content and knowledge of your audience. But as technology advances, so does UX and UI. Below, 10 technology experts from Forbes Technology Council offer their insights on how these current best practices will change in the next few years, and what companies can do to prepare for the shift.

21 Expert Opinions On The Future Of Mobile Usability - WhatUsersDo Blog

There are many interesting mobile predictions here from our experts, but for me the overriding one is that we should stop viewing mobiles as merely smaller screens. Given their capabilities (location, voice, motion, touch, always with us) they have the potential to deliver much much more, because mobiles can understand our context.

  • Chief Experience Officer & UX Expert helping customer-focused companies increase sales and reduce costs by over 30%

    Andrew helps the world’s leading customer-focused companies increase sales, reduce costs, and improve user experience for websites, software, and mobile applications.

    With over 20 years of experience consulting major corporations, Andrew is the 9th expert in the world to earn the prestigious Master of UX Certification. As a keynote speaker, published author, and columnist for Forbes and Inc., Andrew is a global user experience thought leader and influencer.

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