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Updated by Andrew Kucheriavy on Mar 12, 2018
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Andrew Kucheriavy is a published author, blogger, and columnist who writes about user experience and the emerging trends and technologies that are shaping UX: artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IoT. He frequently contributes to Forbes, Inc., HuffPost, as well as other publications

Artificial Intelligence Will Take Your Job: What You Can Do Today To Protect It Tomorrow

Don’t fight AI -- you will lose every time. Instead, embrace it and become part of this revolution.


Best practices from Andrew Kucheriavy - 100 UX Design Pro Tips from a User Experience Master

How Customers Make Decisions: Applying Science To Improve User Experience

Pyschology can tell us more about how users make decisions than big data.

How Humanizing UX Is Reshaping Digital Marketing For Financial Services

How do you humanize a digital interaction?

Why Financial Services Companies Should Apply UX Principles

If financial services companies want to achieve positive results from their digital marketing efforts, then they must recognize that the only way to do so is to understand the customer.

Six UX Tips To Capture And Hold User Attention

In a world where the human attention span is dwindling, follow these six tips to create greater engagement between your UX and user.

The Problem With Insurance Is Bad User Experience: Insurtech Leaders Agree

The insurance industry now has an opportunity to change its deep-rooted negative image and significantly improve the customer experience.

Learn the ingredients for a successful website.

By correcting these 5 mistakes, you can turn your website around and increase traffic, leading to more sales, better customer experience, and reduced costs.

Let’s face it: insurance can be confusing. Trying to make sense of a policy, get a quote, or file a claim can still be an intimidating experience. What’s worse, many insurance websites do not deliver what users want. This leaves consumers with a choice of either walking away or getting frustrated while wasting time with agents or customer support.

5 simple ways to increase traffic to your website

My agency Intechnic has been creating websites since 1997. Over the years, however, I have seen many business websites underperform and ultimately fail. But why? Where are they going wrong?

In my experience, many business professionals simply fail to understand the most basic ingredients of a successful website. Because of their lack of experience, they make easily avoidable mistakes that often directly contribute to website failures. By correcting or avoiding the following five mistakes, you can turn your website around, leading to more sales, better customer experience and reduced costs.

The way brands interact with people is shifting.

Businesses have rushed to plant their flags across the digital landscape, because they know that’s where everyone is. But in their eagerness, many are forgetting that simply being there isn't enough – the user experience is also crucial. In fact, according to a global survey by Oracle, 91% want to be an industry leader in customer experience, but only 37% are actually working on a formal customer experience initiative.

So you've hired an UX expert. Will you let them do their job?

How to Improve Website Conversion by Optimizing for Repeat Business

Back to our blog Top-performing websites are effective in generating sales, but are they just as effective in retaining customers and generating residual income? The question you should ask yourself is: What happens after I close this sale? Is that it? Will I ever see this customer again, or is this a once-only sale?

5 Avoidable Reasons Your Company Website Is Failing

Most business websites fail not for big reasons, but small ones -- poor UX, an unclear objective and a lack of compelling call to action, to name a few issues. My agency Intechnic has been creating websites since 1997. Over the years, however, I have seen many business websites underperform and ultimately fail. But why? Where are they going wrong?

Good UX Is Good Business: How To Reap Its Benefits

Good user experience design is critical for modern organizations, but most companies focus on their own needs -- not their end users' needs. User experience (UX) design focuses on enhancing user satisfaction by improving how we interact with the websites, applications and devices in our lives. In other words, UX makes complex things easy to use.

How to Become a Business Influencer

The ultimate goal for any successful professional is to become an influencer in their respective field. Influencers are individuals with followings and a voice in the industry -- they lead and set direction for others. Establishing yourself as an influencer does miracles for your reputation and credibility, which directly translates to business success.

  • Chief Experience Officer & UX Expert helping customer-focused companies increase sales and reduce costs by over 30%

    Andrew helps the world’s leading customer-focused companies increase sales, reduce costs, and improve user experience for websites, software, and mobile applications.

    With over 20 years of experience consulting major corporations, Andrew is the 9th expert in the world to earn the prestigious Master of UX Certification. As a keynote speaker, published author, and columnist for Forbes and Inc., Andrew is a global user experience thought leader and influencer.

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