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THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM is one of the few private investigation companies managed by a former FBI Agent and former Police Officer and a leader in the insurance fraud and SIU community.

Surveillance Agency Houston - Counter Surveillance Office Sweeps Dallas

The Investigative Firm's Houston private investigators work throughout the United States to collect and locate information and individuals in order to assist in various private and commercial endeavors.

Asset Searches in Houston : THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM

Since 2001, our asset investigations have located more than $20 million in assets for our clients. THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM has investigators throughout the Unite States that have the experience to obtain hidden assets.

Eric Rhodes

The Investigative Firm is dedicated to delivering fast, accurate results with network of private investigators in Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. We...

Private Investigator Dallas

My name is Eric Rhodes and I am the Director of Investigations for THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM.Our Team specializes in Injured Worker Claim Investigations and consists of a team of more than 25 investigators that are located throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Carolina and Missouri.

Sweep for Bugs by Using Some Smart Tools

Sweeping for bugs is a difficult practice and should be performed through hiring a Counter Surveillance office sweeps Houston team who hasthe latest technology and professional experience in this field.


TSCM OR Technical Survelliance Counter Measurs that is also known as bug sweeping or TSCM inspection is the process of physical or electronic checking of a premises, room, area or a vehicle. Due to the increasing threat of eavesdropping it is highly essential to protect your interests, privacy and confidential information.

Hire Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston

THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM is one of the few private investigation companies managed by a former FBI Agent and former Police Officer and a leader in the insurance fraud and SIU community. We have successfully partnered with clients such as: Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of Defense Navy, Harris County, TX, Houston.

What is Counter Surveillance and How it Works for Bug Sweep

Every person and business has right to privacy. But due to many reasons such as rivalry and competition, this basic right is under the threat of surveillance. To find the secret information and insides, a great deal of bugs is being used.

Asset Search Services for all Types of Assets - THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM

It has been more then 15 Years of THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM, a US based firm has located more than $20 million in assets for our clients. They have investigators throughout the Unite States which have experience to dig the hidden assets for you. Our asset searches can find the following hidden assets like Properties Owned, Employment Search, Bank Account Searches, Vehicle Registrations, Bankruptcy Filings & etc.

We do understand that whether you are Individual or Company, your communications should be private from prying eyes watching you. So, there might be some chance that someone is using Bug to take out your private details & important communications. In that case hire "THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM" a team of professional investigators offers offer a full range of bug sweeping and eavesdropping detection services. They can do debugging investigations on rooms, offices buildings, phones, fax machines, office equipment, electrical wiring and outlets, ventilation systems, appliances, furnishings, ceilings, under floors & etc.

Surveillance Investigation Services For Individual & Company : THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM

Our team of Investigators are highly experienced to perform surveillance in cases like domestic, criminal or professional investigations. For more then 15 years "THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM" a US based firm have solved more then 250 cases successfully for our clients, that includes all types of investigations like video surveillance, listening devices, GPS tracking devices and other physical and electronic techniques.