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Baby Name Research


Could a Nickname Get You Ahead?

If giving your name to a new acquaintance results in a look of confusion, or you struggle with the names of new contacts or co-workers, you won't be surprised that research shows people have more positive reactions to names that are easier to pronounce.

Baby-Name Business

Name choices have long been agonizing for parents. Some claim to suffer from namer's remorse, but with a host of resources on the fast-growing market most are likely suffering from information overload. To deal with the pressure, many are hiring consultants to help pick names that set their children apart.

Baby Name Consultants Strike Again

Wondering how helpful baby name consultants really are? Here's a case study for you. The Brinkerhoffs were expecting a baby boy, but couldn't come up with a name. For help, they contacted 3 baby name consultants (the third was actually a pair of consultants).

Complaint Box | Brittney, Brittny, Brittneigh

Giving one's offspring odd, random or deliberately misspelled names is a form of mistreatment that also hurts the rest of society.

Name that Baby

Baby-naming consultants are the new fad. By Sascha Rothchild...

The name-hunter's paradise, from best-selling name expert Laura Wattenberg. Popularity graphs & maps, Name Finder, and Namipedia for full info on every name.


Greetings!! Baby Name Consultants are here to assist you in the naming process for your bundle of joy. We are former Personal Name Advisors for…. We are here to suggest nam...

Linda - Meaning of Linda Name, Linda Origin

Linda name meaning and origin. Meaning of Linda. What does meaning of name Linda. Find complete details of Linda name: