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The Murtaugh List

In the illustrious words of Roger Murtaugh A.K.A. Danny Glover "I'm getting too old for this sh*t". As I glide deeper into my 20Nothings I feel like it is only right that I bestow upon you what I have habits and activities that I have outgrown that plagued my teens. Oh btw, I got this idea from a great How I Met Your Mother episode name..."Murtaugh".

As you read, answer these questions.

  1. Do you agree with the list?
  2. Have you given up what I have? (I doubt that, I was a very cool teen)
  3. Could you make your own?

Tell me what you think :D


Doing an all night game marathon

Doing an all night game marathon

Whether it was Halo, Gears of War or Mass Effect, you name it, I've lost sleep over it.

Now the only thing keeping me up at night is the impending pressure of failure that causes insomnia.



Arguing with people over the internet

Arguing with people over the internet

If I don't know you I got no right or reason to try to prove how WRONG you actually are.

I might drop a few trolls here and there, but gone are the days where I thought I could persuade someone HIMYM is the best TV show on earth using diagrams, dioramas and quotes.

However, IF I do know you...

"One on one, cuz?"


Going to Freshers Week

Going to Freshers Week

I'm going tbh, I'm scared I might break this one BUT I will remain strong.

But getting rejected by fresher girls compounded hearing cheesy music multiplied with the fact I might be in a place where people ask "OMG can I touch your hair!? shudders. I think I can fight the temptation.

P.S. WHO THE FUCK spent £100 on freshers week? I still can't do that :(


Not texting/calling back*

Not texting/calling back*

We've all done it. Not texted back even though we can just because we can't be bothered. But are fustrated when the tables are flipped.

Not any more. My belief is that you should not have my number if I do not want to talk to you.

Therefore, I'm going to reply to people as soon as I can. Nothing more, Nothing less.

*Except after 10:30, that is the cut off. Anybody text you after that time, they do not rate or they are dying. cba for both tbh.


Taking the night bus home

Taking the night bus home

Nope. Nope. and Nope again.

If I don't have money for Uber, why am I even going out?

What is funny that where I live, I cannot take a nightbus so I have to walk like 40 mins to get home. :) :) :): ):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Also, quick question.

When you dont have money, does the Uber take you back to where he picked up... asking for a mate?


NOT asking for Help

NOT asking for Help

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay to old be thinking 'I'm scared to ask for help, what will **** think of me'?

F*CK THAT. If I got something to offer and believe we can get a genuine benefit guess what... I'M ASKING FOR HELP/SUPPORT/ADVICE/WHATEVER.

Especially if you're FB friend, YT subscriber or Twtitter follower. WHY THE F*CK wouldn't I?

Just gotta hope the person I'm asking feels same way. heh heh.

...pls feel the same way.


The Mohawk

The Mohawk

Being black means I can do about 3 hairstyles without it getting 'Princey'.

I'm limiting myself to two. Nothing about this hairstyle appeals to me anymore, I pay taxes and vote.** I VOTE GOSHDARNIT.**

Oh and I can't_ dab_ with this on my head. Gotta give a caution and stuff.


Racial Preference

Racial Preference

I've learnt to appreciate that women come in all shapes, shades and sizes and that love is what unifies us all. Love allows us to take steps to really explore the relationships we can have with each other. I mean I for one...blah blah blah...carrots and peas carrots and peas carrots and peas

Hopefully people stopped reading...

At the end of the day, does it REALLY matter? wink wink nudge nudge _looks at your intensively until you get. _




I have yet to receive the so called 'glo up' and I come to realize that it is never coming for me.

I'm not going to grow a foot over night neither am I going to sprout a full beard.

But this does not matter because I love myself and thats what most importa...

lol jk I'm just gonna get rich ...or go gym.

The former obviously the easier for me.




I gotta remember life is a gift. I should be happy I made this far.

For now, being happy and being positive is a choice.

This is the hardest but easily the most beneficial.

I cannot wait to see how it works out.

Only one way to find out. :D