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Updated by Jessica Gerald on Aug 17, 2019
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How to Organize Old Family Photos

If you have a lot of old photos lying around in boxes, you probably need a way to efficiently sort and organize them. These articles have many good ideas on how to do this.

How Can I Organize Generations of Family Photos?

Keeping your family photos organized is hard enough even if everything's already digitized, but what do you do when you're faced with decades of real photographs that aren't organized at all. If you've got some ideas, jump in and help out a fellow reader!

Home & Garden: Organizing the Attic - Week Eight (

Home & Garden: Organizing the Attic - Home staffer Liz Seymour is on a mission to reclaim her overstuffed attic from chaos and clutter. She enlisted professional organizer Caitlin Shear to help her sort through, toss out and tidy up -- one week at a time.

Organizing Family Photos in 8 Easy Steps | The Armchair Genealogist

Next month, my husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I would have to say a good portions of those 25 years - 15 at least were recorded via the old-fashioned kind of camera. The kind of camera that resulted in boxes and boxes of pictures.

Learn how to store and organize your photos for your family archive. Visit to purchase archival photograph boxes and supplies.

Get Organized: Scan Your Old Photos

Shoeboxes of old photos may hold your family's history and memories, but they're difficult to preserve, share, organize, and backup. Digitizing print photos takes a good amount of time and effort to do, but if you break down the task and know a few simple tricks to make the process easier, it'll go by pretty quickly.

Organizing Old Family Photos With the Parking Lot System

Old family photos are like cars, aren't they? They need a place to live out of the elements when they aren't being displayed or driven (your pictures do take you places, don't they?). Hold that thought.