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17 Best Book Marketing Tactics for Book Authors

17 proven marketing tactics for professionals-book authors
Set yourself apart as an expert in your field...
The most powerful symbol of expertise in the world today is a book.
As a professional a book is the ultimate lead generator for you.
Here's how to start marketing your book now...


1. Leverage your book title and subtitle to build a high credibility platform...

To do this you simply state I'm in the process of publishing a book entitled to> > Publish Yourself to Wealth: The five simple steps to creating a perpetual prosperity platform..
I mentioned it because I help independent professionals like you create multiple ongoing income streams using your knowledge skills and expertise.
When I preface my remarks by alluding to my book I'm automatically positioned as an authority and an expert. Try it.


Create an audio logo.(tagged by Robert Middleton, marketing mentor for independent professionals)

Simply put build your book into your elevator speech. You might say I help professionals and experts convert their knowledge skills and expertise into perpetual streams of income I'm the author of the soon-to-be released book publish yourself to wealth the five simple steps to creating your perpetual prosperity platform.

Take advantage of this simple tactic you can start even before you start offering your book you simply need to have a working title.

Others who’ve used this simple tactic have seen a 30 to 40% increase in being able to set up their first meetings with their business prospects some have even seen a 25% increase in those who close.


Weave your title into personal introductions when other people introduce you

Whether you're being interviewed for a podcast or you conduct workshops or seminars webinars or tele-seminars include a simple statement about your forthcoming book.


Include your book title in your written bios. Simply state you are the author of the forthcoming book, or soon to be...

Simply state you are the author of the forthcoming book, or soon to be...


Be sure to include your book title in the same manner, in your email signature line. You might structure it like this...

Your name on the first line. The second line would read Author of the forthcoming book then filling your title and be sure to include your subtitle. On the third line include a link to your bookselling site.


Get testimonials for your book from opinion leaders in your target market.

Once you have those, include them in your email signature line as discussed above. on a separate line right below the working title of your book you can say endorsed by renowned authorities, and then include the names of those who given you a testimonial.


Aside from the headline and your title...-your benefit copy to be used on your cover can turn your book into a client...

Make it powerful. Your book cover, is your sales letter and your client attractor.


Post a picture of your book cover on your website along with the statement look for my forthcoming book.

Include a link do your bookselling site. ( I always suggest you use your Amazon Associates link... it will look something like this > < if you use the short link they provide you.


Offer an autographed copy of your book is a free bonus

If you sell other products and services you can offer an autographed copy of your book is a free bonus when someone purchases one of your other products services or programs.


Use a pop-up window connected to your homepage.

Post a graphic of your book cover along with a link to your bookselling site.


Create and publish a press release announcing your forthcoming book.

Be sure it is syndicated nationally, and has a clickable graphic of your book that leads to your bookselling site.


Introduce yourself to meeting planners of the organizations your target market attends.

You may not know it, however Book authors are their favorite category of experts to book as speakers.


Create a video book trailer.

Post on YouTube and submit to your social media accounts using social media posting tools, like TPNI Engage.


Repurpose your book content. Each chapter can be broken down into an article or several articles. Post those as blogs...

Each chapter can be broken down into an article or several articles. Post those as blogs to engage your audience and let them get to know you.


If you used the 10 x 10 x4 process, be sure to post each video on YouTube and promote using automated posting tools.


Read each chapter and create an audio file. MP3 is best...

Use the series as a free bonus or send to your existing list of subscribers, or to build your list.


Rinse and repeat. Test revise and implement again.