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High Frequency Trading Program

Dividend growth investing is a wonderful strategy. Most of the work in selecting and purchasing an attractive security is done upfront. After that, the dividend investor is paid a growing dividend for work they may have done years ago. Of course, this dividend investor should regularly monitor his portfolio holdings, and dispose of any companies that no longer fit their goals of providing with a dependable dividend income to live off in retirement.

The Rise And Fall Of BlackBerry

Though BlackBerry has less than 1% of the smartphone market share today, it once had more than 50%. The question is how such a successful company could fall so far.

Volume Weighted Average Price Trading Strategy

In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a set of instructions for calculations or a task. A trading algorithm is a model with steps required to trade an order in a specific way. For example, given an order to sell 100,000 shares of a stock, the algorithm can work in various ways.

Biggest HFT Firm In The World

When faced with the choice of perpetuating a fake facade of morality or continuing its old ways, was there ever any doubt what Goldman would choose.

FIX Protocol Limited(FPL)

Mr. Sunith Reddy was one of the speakers at HFT Panel Discussion at the India FIX Protocol Limited(FPL) which was held on 5th March at the ITC Grand Central, Mumbai, India.FPL conferences are noted for their high quality speakers, topical issues and being a neutral platform for market participants, policy makers and regulators to interact and discuss issues and ideas

Treasury Management in Banks

Funds and revenue which are at the disposal of the bank along with data-to-day management of these funds is referred to as Treasury. It is the custodian of cash and other liquid assets. Managing risk within the acceptable level and profitably consolidating funds of the bank is called Treasury Management. The Treasury of a bank is a window through which funds are raised or placed for its operations.

Momentum strategies in LFT

Opinions tend to differ on what constitutes high frequency but by and large there is a consensus that the duration of asset holding period is very low, ranging from seconds to minutes. High frequency trading revolves around market microstructure and order book dynamics. HFT involves high volume of buying and selling to profit from time-sensitive opportunities that arise during trading hours. Firms depend upon low latency for order execution.

Asset Management Career Opportunities

A position in risk management is intellectually stimulating. After the market downturn of 2008 risk management has gained prominence in terms of growth as well as financial reward. Career path begins as a risk analyst and can take various routes depending upon the industry type and exposure. Some of the domains that offer risk manager’s positions are insurance companies, banks, asset management companies and corporate finance.

High Frequency Trading Using The RSI Indicator

Find out more about automated trading strategies based on the relative strength index indicator. A trading discussion about high frequency trading on the two minutes chart.

Transaction cost analysis

The webinar was taken by Mr. Gaurav Raizada, he is a Director at iRageCapital Advisory Private Ltd and also Senior faculty of QuantInsti, leads the firm's advisory practice in India on the Systems, Performance and Strategies.

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