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Fun Ideas to Enjoy Nature During Vacation

There are a lot of reasons to be with nature during your vacation and here are some great ideas to do it.

Try a Truly Unique Rainforest Retreat

Peace, tranquillity and total seclusion are just a few reasons why to choose the spectacular rainforest retreats. Hereā€¦ life is good and the pace is slow. Just you and nature. These nature escapes are for those loving to relax in peaceful settings.

5 Reasons to Make Your Next Trip a Nature Vacation

Did you know spending time in nature can improve your brain function, reduce stress, keep you fit, give you a thrill and help protect threatened landscapes and wildlife? It's true! Read on, then start dreaming about the nature adventures you'd like to glean these benefits from.

How to Enjoy Nature on Your Vacation - Birds and Blooms

By Kirsten Sweet and Stacy Tornio Getting away is about experiencing new places, scenery, climates-and more often than not, that means getting out into nature. We understand that backpacking in Yellowstone, all-day bird-watching in Costa Rica and back-to-back garden tours aren't for everyone.

8 Great Ideas For Your Summer Staycation | Investopedia

As the kids finish school and the weather heats up, many people are getting excited about long-awaited summer vacations. Summer vacations are a time to relax, unwind and spend some quality time with loved ones. Big vacations, however, do require quite a bit of planning and, of course, can end up costing some serious cash, especially with a whole family in tow.

10 Great Ideas for an Adventurous Family Vacation in India -

A summer vacation is the best way to beat the heat of the hot summer season and spend some quality time with the family. These days, most of the people prefer adding adventure and thrill to their family summer vacation, instead of simply exploring a new place.

Vacation Ideas for Nature Lovers - NRDC

See the Tallgrass Prairie
WHERE: Near Strong City, KS. Map it.
WHAT: This 11,000-acre swathe of rolling American prairie offers a choice of two frontcountry and three backcountry trails. If you can't handle a trail, you can take a 90-minute bus tour. The preserve includes a historic ranch house.
WHY: Virtually all the prairie that originally defined the country's heartland has been converted to farmland. I would love to see what this once quintessential American landscape looked like and feel my heart go upward, like "J."

"Once kids are introduced to this activity, a love of nature evolves naturally," says Jane Kirkland, author of the children's book Take a Backyard Bird Walk (Stillwater). "Watching birds requires that kids look from the sky to the ground and everywhere in between." Get to know the birds in your region.

Stay at a Treehouse Villa

A treehouse villa is a luxury accommodation built for those who dream of sleeping with the birds. Typically offered by hotels, a treehouse villa may be perched in natural trees or man-made platforms, and may include incredible luxury features.