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eCommerce tips, advice and predictions

Here is the list of helpful eCommerce articles by GoodVidio (ecommerce solution tool for video implementation)

We have a feeling 2015 will be the year of video - Goodvidio Blog

When you are still a very much young and shiny company, the start of the new year is that much more exciting. Like opening a jar of freshly ground coffee at the start the day. Or being the first to walk on fresh snow. Or peeling plastic off a brand new phone.

Why are online retailers wary to adopt video for e-commerce? - Goodvidio Blog

It is not fresh news that video is the trend online retailers should tackle in 2015. Video helps retailers keep online shoppers engaged, informed and inspired to buy online. New stories about shoppable video launches and collaborations between retailers and YouTube creators are emerging daily.

Types of online video to help in shopping journey - Goodvidio Blog

In this post we make an overview of different types of online video that retailers can use to help visitors during their shopping journey. To make this exercise fun, we put ourselves in the shoes of an online retailer searching for video content for the most talked about gadget on the planet at the moment - Apple Watch.

This week in online video May 11-15

This week in online video: new studies reveal men and women use different channels for discovering digital videos; 80% of consumers consider product videos important in the purchasing process; Mother's Day pulls 1,130,000 video results on YouTube; and social networks debate on what counts as a video view.

How online retailers can leverage how-to videos

If you have been following recent video commerce updates, you probably noticed the revived interest in how-to videos. In this post we discuss why how-to videos make sense for e-commerce and what online retailers need to consider when selecting such content to engage online shoppers.

40 Video stats you must know for ecommerce

Demand for product review videos gains momentum. Here are 40 fresh video stats from the past year that highlight the importance of video for ecommerce. 1. It is estimated that in 2015, 204.2 million people in the US watch online video monthly via any type of device.

5 steps to create a video strategy for your online store

For many online retailers the question these days is not whether to pursue video, but how to choose the right video strategy. Video should be done effectively and bring tangible results. It should enhance on-site customer experience, drive engagement and conversion on product pages, but also be feasible resource-wise.

Top articles this summer from leading ecommerce blogs

Welcome to the first days of September! Even though we still technically have another three precious weeks of summer (the autumn season officially starts on September 23rd), the heat is slowly winding down and we 're preparing for the most exciting time of the year in ecommerce - the holiday sales season!

9 ecommerce influencers you should follow

Whose advice do you seek on how to improve and grow your online business? Chances are, you refer to a few trusted ecommerce authors and blogs and mix it up with Twitter for the latest ecommerce news.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2015 - Ecommerce Stats & Predictions

The countdown to the most anticipated shopping holidays in ecommerce is officially on. With only a few more weeks left to 2015's Black Friday and Cyber Monday, online retailers are preparing for the most talked-about online shopping days of the year.

Black Friday 2015 predictions: Top products & videos

This year US ecommerce sales are expected to reach $2.7 billion on Black Friday and $2.9 billion on Cyber Monday . Black Friday is predicted to become UK's first £1bn online shopping day . With 40% of consumers having started their research about holiday purchases as early as October, it's important to have the right content on your product pages ready for the holidays.

5 Ecommerce Tips & Ideas to Increase Holiday Sales

Holidays are fast approaching, and many retailers are already on the countdown to Christmas. As a well-organized ecommerce business, you've already selected the merchandise that will be put on sale this holiday season, your shipping is sorted and your ecommerce site is prepared to handle the traffic surge. Great!

Product Video Strategy for Ecommerce in 2016

As we're approaching 2016, the big question for ecommerce is how to plan for the new year. Content will continue to play a big role in customer experience in 2016. Video will become a point of differentiation between outstanding online retailers and those who fall behind.

5 benefits of having a video strategy for your product pages

The word on the web is that video will be the next big thing for ecommerce in the coming year. Call it video marketing or video commerce, online retailers will need to adopt a video strategy in order to stay competitive and to continue building outstanding customer experience. The reason is simple.

5 Ecommerce Video Trends for 2016

Ecommerce trends for 2016 indicate that videos will be an important driver of online sales. We share 5 important predictions on ecommerce video trends.

Why product videos are a must for consumer electronics

64% of consumers turn to YouTube for consumer electronics videos. Here’s why placing these product videos closer to conversion points benefits e-commerce.

How to use beauty product videos in ecommerce

First step on a shopping journey for beauty products for many starts by watching beauty videos on YouTube. Read how ecommerce can leverage this content.

6 ecommerce product video examples from top retailers

Ecommerce product videos are a powerful tool to engage shoppers and drive conversions. We review the product video examples on six top ecommerce sites.

What is visual commerce and why it matters for online retail?

Visual commerce places visual content such as product videos at the center of conversions and engagement in online retail.

Visual commerce - what you need to know

Find out the most important stats about visual commerce, user-generated content and product videos for online retail.

Visual commerce beyond Instagram photos: product videos

Visual commerce includes using product videos as an essential component that captures consumer attention and drives shoppers to convert.

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