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Updated by Phill Burns on Mar 18, 2013
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5 reasons I love my Transformer Prime

I switched from an iPad (1st Gen) to an Asus Transformer Prime Recently, here's my top 5 things I love about it.


Storage - a 200GB iPad - No Chance....

Storage - a 200GB iPad - No Chance....

With the launch of the New iPad you will have noticed that to take advantage of (it's frankly amazing) Retina display it's apps are ballooning in size at an alarming rate which means that your 16GB iPad will be full in no time if you are anything like me! Even with my old 64GB iPad by the time I had a decent music library loaded on and a few movies to watch whilst away it was getting close to capacity.

My Transformer Prime now has 196GB of storage in side it's sleek, brushed aluminium chassis (32GB std, 32GB MicroSD in the tablet itself and a 128GB Lexar professional SDXC card in the Dock.)

That should see me good for a few months at least!

Performance (Sure the New iPad blows it away for pure gfx but I use it for work!)

While the new A5X chip Apple put in its third-generation iPad aces some benchmarks, Nvidia's Tegra 3 performs better on others.

Battery Life - I don't even take my charger to work.

Battery life is the bane of the mobile professional’s existence, and rightly so. Not only does using devices with good battery life make things

Android - Introducing Ice Cream Sandwich

I've had Android devices and iDevices, my Prime was the 1st to offer ICS and I love it.

The flexibility it offers over iOS is what sets this apart. Yes you can Jailbreak your iDevice and gain similar functionality but I'm talking out of the box here. Stock Widgets, Superb Launchers (NOVA and GO Launcher HD in particular.)

USB Port - Ethernet, External HD, Game Controllers & More.

" What Works in the Dock USB " USB hub's All supported Mouse's All Supported(Wire & Wireless) Hard/Flash Drive's All supported Game




What's the point in buying a personal device if you can't personalize it to your satisfaction? Changing the wallpaper is not enough. Adding widgets, clearing the screen of icons, or using live wallpaper all give you added touches that the competition just don't offer.