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Headline for App Reviews and Articles, January - March, 2016
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App Reviews and Articles, January - March, 2016

Here are my iPad app reviews and articles, written in January, February and March, 2016 at The Book Chook.

Children's iPad App, ShapeKit

Here's a great animation app that combines learning and fun. It reminds me a little of the plastic tangram sets we had in Kindergarten classes - they were very popular. The kids loved to create their own pictures with shapes, and tell stories about them.

Read more at The Book Chook.

Children's iPad App, Toca Life: Town

Toca Life: Town is not just a useful app for parents and teachers to use with kids, it's lots of fun too.

From the developer: - 21 characters to play with. Do you recognize any of them?

Read more at The Book Chook.

Review: Word Game App, Word Jewels 2

My review of word game app, Word Jewels 2. Read it at The Book Chook.

Children’s iPad App, LumiKids Park

Free is always wonderful, and I really appreciate the LumiKids Park emphasis on fun. Kids will definitely giggle along with the cute characters they encounter. Children can learn so much through play - there are sorting/matching games, hide and go seek, and little critters much like Pacman to feed. Inside the park a tap from your child’s finger makes things happen - swings swing and even the sun and clouds change.
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Creating with Kids and iPad Apps - January 2016 Update

I've recently updated my List, Creating with Children and iPad Apps. The last update was July 2015.

Check out the List below (and don't forget to navigate to more pages via list arrows bottom right) to browse those apps I’ve reviewed where children can create something. Whether that creation takes the form of telling a digital story, recording themselves making art, arranging elements to make a digital picture, creating a cartoon or a video, taking pictures with a camera, rearranging words and letters to make something new, making music… kids will be involved in some kind of creative thinking and often will need to make choices and experiment with producing something new.

From The Book Chook.

Children’s iPad App, Theme Poems

For some children, the task of writing a poem is daunting. Introducing those kids to more concrete poetry scaffolds them and provides them with a framework that gets them started. If you’re looking for a tool that encourages poetry writing, check out ReadWriteThink’s Theme Poems.

Read more at The Book Chook.

Children’s iPad App, Haiku

Recently I reviewed a children’s iPad app called Theme Poems. Today I want to tell you about Haiku, another free and excellent educational app from ReadWriteThink, that’s also available in Android.

Read more at The Book Chook.

Top Ways for Kids to Tell Digital Stories

Recently I was asked to choose a few of my favourite ways for kids to make a digital story or presentation of some kind. Today I’ve listed my personal favourites here so you don’t have to wade through a huge list if you don’t want to. There's a lot of overlap but I've tried to separate them into categories. Some use mobile platforms, some are software, some use the web.

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Children’s iPad App, Alphabet Organizer

Alphabet Organizer is another app by ReadWriteThink, not specifically poetry related, but with lots of possibilities in education. It encourages kids to create an alphabet book or chart with words (or a word and an image) for each letter of the alphabet. It’s available as an online interactive, in iOS and in Android. Read more at The Book Chook.