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Our team of best family lawyers is experienced in dealing with family law attorney and divorce cases!

The legal advisors of your legal activities

When it comes to matters regarding the different types of laws the best person who can be approached is a lawyer. He is a person who actually practices the law. A counsel, judge, attorney, solicitor and a barrister al can be called as a lawyer. The role of a lawyer can be varied across all…

What Kind of Cases Do Family Court Lawyers Deal With?

Family law attorney deals with almost any affair that can come up in a family. These are cases that are related with marriage, detachment, and divorce.

Solve legal issues in an easy way with the best legal service in the town

Legal matters and cases related to court call for professional help from lawyers and advocates. However, it is a cumbersome task to decide the best lawyers for a particular case. We as a layman are often not equipped with the right and adequate amount of knowledge about the law. Therefore, we need a professional legal…

Attorney Services for Commercial and Business Litigation

In today's world, litigation in business is not a new thing. It comes along with growing competition and aggressive business practices. However it...

Scope of Copyright Protection -

Copyright is the exclusive right that is granted to authors or artists for the literary or artistic works they create to publish, broadcast, assign or sell their work for a fixed period of time. Copyright protection is granted for the expression of ideas and not for the ideas themselves. A person having an idea regarding a flying horse communicates the idea to another who creates a sketch of the same. Here the copyright protection is given to the second person who expressed the idea of a flying horse through a sketch and not to the first person even though the original idea regarding the flying horse had emerged out of him. Also every different form of expression is granted a separate protection.


The number of people who have loans, own credit cards and owe debt and so on is getting higher every year and now with the job losses or reduced income it is becoming more and more problematic for a large number of people to repay back the debts that accumulated over a period of time. The situation is even worse when such difficulties in repayment of debts are considered as a criminal offence.

Dubai Lawyers - Intellectual Property

Al Safar & Partners Provides Intellectual Property Rights Protection for Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents & Designs

Dubai Lawyers - Debt Collection

We also professionally pursue debts in favor of our clients from their indebted parties be them individuals or corporate entities throughout the UAE…

Dubai Lawyers - Labor and Employment Law

We represent our clients in arbitration and litigation and also assist them with the procedures to be followed at the labor ministry on breach of employment contracts…