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India has set all to launch preparation to create Hydrogen bombs and for this, has created a secret atomic city in.. The Australian spy Chief Mr. Duncan Lewis has urged all politicians belong to ruling conservative party, stop Islam criticism because it..

Taliban Kills About 90 Afghan Security Officials In Helmand Province

It seems to be that Afghan security forces has determined to fight hard with Taliban to remove their ruling in Helmand province as both sides has been battling each other since weeks while about 90 officers have been killed since previous two-day.

Political chief of Australian Intelligence advised politicians to avoid Criticism on Islam

Duncan Lewis DSC, AO, CSC is the present Director-General of Security of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization. He advised politicians to avoid criticism on Islam because it can be harmful for National security. The general security offices see that politicians in other countries criticize Islam as everyone can watch on electronic media.

Due to Security Risk Factor of terrorism In Los Angeles, Schools closed

Lose Angeles' Schools Received some threats, for the security reason all schools in Lose Angele closed. Almost 900 schools closed due to threats of terrorisms. Terrorists now want to attack on Los Angeles' children. California's city the heart of nation is the next target of terrorists, New York and Los Angeles received threats that terrorists will attack on schools.

India Begins Preparation to Create Hydrogen Bombs

India has set all to launch preparation to create Hydrogen bombs and for this, has created a secret atomic city in southern Karnataka, According to an American news agency. The laborers started suddenly digging of in southern state Karanataka of India in 2010 and the act made shocked villagers of Lambani tribe who didn't have an idea what's going on in their land.

Indian National Investigation Agency Accuses Pakistan Killing of Indian Political Leaders

New Delhi: Indian National Investigation Agency has accused of underworld's Dawood Ibrahim killed Gujrat Bharatiya Janata Party's two leader at the behest of Pakistan secret news agency. If reports are to be that a week ago, Indian National Investigation Agency has taken the responsibility of probe the case from the Gujrat police just because of their poor efficiency to find the killers so far.

Young Boy Punches Spanish Prime Minister's face during Election Campaign

Mariano Rajoy the Prime Minister of Spain since 2011, visiting Rona for election purpose, sudden a young boy came and punch on his face. Elections are going to held in Spain on 20, December 2015, all political parties are busy in election campaign.

Indian Police Declares A Muslim Al-Qaeda's Terrorist

Muslims are facing tensions while living in India, sometimes they had to face restrictions over the cow slaughtering as well as Eid holidays were also banned many times to make their happiness hell.

Australian Spy Duncan Lewis Urges All Politicians To Avoid Islam Criticism

The Australian spy Chief Mr. Duncan Lewis has urged all politicians belong to ruling conservative party, stop Islam criticism because it could fuel extremism in country as well raise national security risk, latest reports.

Pentagon Warns Islamic State Growing in Afghanistan

On Tuesday, the Pentagon has clearly warned regarding the Middle East's brutal organization Islamic State, who has been growing its roots in Afghanistan for months as well as remained successful carrying out its operation to capture regions even openly battling Taliban.

US and Russia to Meet in New York on Friday to Pass UN Resolution over Syria Peace

The United States and Russia urged all world powers to join the meeting in New York on Friday to approve a United Nation resolution over the Syria peace process. The decision was taken between a meeting among the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov and President Vladimir Putin as well US Secretary of State John Kerry in Capital of Russia.

Saudi Arabia Declares 34 Islamic Military Coalition To Tackle Terrorism

Saudi Arabia has announced a 34-state Islamic military coalition establishment on Tuesday to tackle the terrorism and the list includes Qatar, Malaysia, Egypt, and Pakistan too as well as other. These all Islamic nations those added in list, have agreed to establishment of a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia because it is the only way to remove terrorism as joint operations will give best results.

Syrian Regime Alongside Russia Launched Severest Airstrike On Jihadist-Held Damascus, Killed Over 38

The Syrian government forces and Russian warplanes rained down severest bombings in militants-held Damascus city, in the result, more than 38 killed, while several wounded. The deadliest battle between government forces and militants made ruble so many apartments, while so many youngsters were spotted carrying wounded people as well as children as warplanes stormed a school that shot dead principal, two children including more than 38 killed so far.

Russian Warship Shot Fired at Turkish Fishing Boat

Russian authorities have claimed that its one of warships let off warning shots at a Turkish fishing vessel in the Aegean Sea to advise stay away from conflict. However, the Turkish boat came near to 600m (1,800ft) Russian warship when it was warned by the Moscow navy but when the fire was carried out for sake of protection them at the boat then it turned aside, said a Russian Defense Ministry.

Imran Khan Invites An Indian Woman To Participate In PTI

The Pakistan's former World Cup winning captain and chief of Tehreek-e-Insaf attended on an Indian television talk show, where offered a female to take part in PTI. The former cricketer turned Pakistani politician took off a day ago to India where a female journalist asked him a question that impressed Imran Khan, in the result invited her to participate in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf as party needs like her intelligent people.

Bomb Blast Damaged California Mosque, FBI Launched Probe

United States' presidential candidate Donald Trump's hateful statements for Muslim community have demonstrated its outcome as unknown terrorist attacked a Southern California mosque on Friday, locals informed media.

Israeli Military Kills Three Palestinians in West Bank of Gaza

The Israel's security forces have shot dead a Palestinian citizen who reported to be smashed his vehicle into troops close to Hebron on 11 December, 2015, while the troops killed another Palestinian during an aggressive demonstration in the flashpoint West Bank city.

Houthis Closed Nongovernmental organizations, Arrested Activists in Yemen

Yemen: Houthis authorities have taken the action against dozen nongovernmental groups as banned and randomly arrested so many militants since capturing the capital Sanaa about in end of 2014.

Taliban Stormed Heavily Fortified Kandahar Airport

Taliban fighters stormed heavily fortified Kandahar airport complex, situated in southern Afghanistan, in the result, more than 8 militants were killed and about 13 people too, authorities reported. According to latest reports, the Taliban fighters suddenly attacked the apartments of government employees on Tuesday late hours and also targeted United Sates and NATO military forces based those at airport.

World Leaders' Cooperation Can Remove Terrorism, Nawaz Sharif

Islamabad: Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif says about the problem of terrorism that increased in Pakistan and Afghanistan day by day is common problem of Region and we solved that only with mutual cooperation.

Turkish PM Believes Russia's Actions 'Ethnic Cleansing' In Syria

Russian launched suddenly cruise missiles on Middle East's one of the dangerous militant organizations in Al-Raqqah on Tuesday, while on Wednesday, the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto─člu has accused Russia of trying 'ethnic cleansing' in northern Syria.

Russia Launches Airstrike on Islamic State From 1,500 Miles

Finally Russia has taken part in Syrian campaign to remove the complete hold of Middle East's one of the dangerous militant organizations in Al-Raqqah, situated on the north bank of the Euphrates River and launched bombardment of cruise missiles from a submarine.

Storm Desmond Made Thousands Of People Homeless By Record-Breaking Rainfall

Storm Desmond caused huge destruction in United Kingdom as heavy raining made thousands of people homeless, even so many victims are still stranded in their houses.

Bombings At Kantaji Temple Wounds 10 People In Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Successive bombings at the Kantaji Temple, situated in Dinajpur region, northern Bangladesh, carried out when a huge Hindu crowd were busy in their worships, 10 people were reportedly wounded, local media reported. Some of the onlookers told media, about three handmade bombs were hurled between huge crowd of Hindu followers who all came there to offer their prayers for the 'Rash Mela' early Saturday.

"Southside With You" Movie about Love Story of Barack Obama And Michelle Obama's To Release On Next Year

New York: Hollywood talking about the life of Barack Obama and Michelle in movie, "Southside with You" how Obama gets first lady of America? In 1989 when American president Barack Obama meet his girlfriend in a restaurant at lunch and he makes proposal to his girlfriend for marry.