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Updated by Olympia Vapor Works on Dec 26, 2017
Headline for Cloud Chasing Coil Builds #2
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Cloud Chasing Coil Builds #2

Cloud Chasing is the Key word in the vaping community, WE WANT CLOUDS

Simple Cloud Chasing Build

Hey Everyone in this video I will be showing you simple build for cloud chasing, it's great for almost any RDA.

Kennedy Competition rda .05 Ω build

This is my cloud chasing build on my kennedy competition rda with the demon cap.

Building a competition parallel 22g - Avid Lyfe

This is a tutorial video for building a comp 22g parallel on a Shock and Awe with the Torpedo atty and ModFather Comp Cap. Thank you Angel Moreno of the #ACT for this tutorial!! We are using Arsenal Wick and Wire for this tutorial.

Limbo's Cloud Chasing Build // Limbo's first youtube video!!

Today i'm going to show you my favorite cloud chasing build ever on my Doge-x rda and Sentinel M16 mod. i hope you guys enjoy! please subscribe and/ or give me a thumbs up if you liked the video. Also, comment if you have any questions and let me know ho you liked the video!

Adam Bell 20g Continuous Comp Build - Avid Lyfe (AV Lyfe) Cloud Chasing

This is a great tutorial by out #ACT member Adam Bell. Adam is walking you through a Hot Wires 20g, 5 wrap Continuous build. The Build ohm's at (.1) witch is perfect for most Ohm restricted Cloud Competitions. Remember!!!! Only use Sony VTC4's and Samsung 25r2's and R5's for your competition builds!!!

The haystack coil. Clouds with flavor ep:2

2 ohm Build tutorial for the haystack. A claptoned (32 guage) 26 guage nichrome and twisted 28 guage kanthal fused with 32. Quick ramp up, medium heat vape with mind numbing flavor. Music from Jon Lajoie: regular everyday normal guy Bob Marley : three little birds Bo Burnham: love is

#CloudChasing w/ .35 ohm SOAKER build: VAPEHAPPY Vapor Production FINALLY! Some vapor cloud porn! As requested, this video also shows a close up of how to load up your XL Nimbus Clone dripping atomizer with juice! Chase those clouds! Be Safe! Vape and Be Happy!

Clouds With Flavor EP:4- the staged cobra coil

34, 32, 30, 28, and 26 guage, a whole mess of wires. a great cloud chasing coil with super dense vapor production and unbelievable flavor. a bit involved but very worth the effort, a must try!

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