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Updated by Paul Marsh on Dec 16, 2015
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The 5 most popular promotional gifts for any business in 2016

We all like a free gift. Some of us have even come to expect them at every event we attend. Over the years, the kind of free promotional gift on offer has generally much improved and most of us would feel a little disappointed if there wasn't something a little special to thank us for our attendance. But special isn't everything, and some of the more traditional freebies are still the most popular. Can you guess what they are?


The pen

We all love the pen. Wherever we go we expect the pen. You just don't mess with the classics. All hail the pen!


Branded bags

It is always handy to have the branded bag, especially now we have to pay for our carrier bags at the local supermarket! Easy to store away, practical and long lasting, the free bag continues to be a firm publicity favourite.



These little superstars are a great way of spreading the promotional word - they get everywhere. In the electronic age we don't need to write that much, but when we do, what better than to use our freebie gifts.


Stress balls

It would be great to say that stress is disappearing from the workplace but it isn't. Companies may have cafes, yoga classes and stress management courses available for their staff, but for immediate satisfaction and calm in the middle of a stressful day, you cannot beat the stress ball.


Branded memory sticks and power banks

Mention has been made of our electronic age so it is only right that some of the gifts that we enjoy receiving make working with technology smoother and less interrupted. Both memory sticks and power banks are ways of making moving between offices or venues that little bit easier so we are definitely keen to have them to hand.