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Critical Thinking iPad Apps

Apps to teach critical thinking.

Use Your Brainz EDU

*Use Your Brainz EDU is the GlassLab Games exclusive version of Plants vs Zombies 2, which comes with real-time reports and instructional resources that help teach and assess problem solving!

The Best Mobile Game of 2013 has been transformed into a frighteningly powerful tool to assess problem solving for your classroom!

Outwit hungry zombies desperately trying to invade your gardens and eat your brains! By strategically growing powerful plant obstacles, players can thwart oncoming foes and keep their brains protected.

Developed in a groundbreaking collaboration with PopCap/EA and researchers at Florida State University, Use Your Brainz EDU is exclusive to GlassLab Games. The game unlocks and assesses the critical competency of problem solving.

Set in the Ancient Egypt and Pirate Seas levels, the game has all the fun of the popular commercial title – and now comes with an added layer beneath the game that captures evidence of student problem solving skills.

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

This book is aimed at newcomers to the field of logical reasoning, particularly those who, to borrow a phrase from Pascal, are so made that they understand best through visuals. It contains a small set of common errors in reasoning which are visualized using memorable illustrations that are supplemented with lots of examples. The hope is that the reader will learn from these pages some of the most common pitfalls in arguments and be able to identify and avoid them in practice.

This work is adapted from:

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments by Ali Almossawi,, 2013 and was shared under a Creative Commons BY-NC license (

Digital Mysteries: China Population

Digital Mysteries: China Population is a unique app in allowing pairs to work simultaneously on one iPad with a task designed to encourage discussion and higher-level thinking around the KS4 National Geography Curriculum.

Digital Mysteries: Who Killed King Ted? (Mathematics)

Digital Mysteries: Who killed King Ted? is a unique app for 8-11 year olds which allows pairs to work simultaneously on one iPad to help with mathematics. They must discuss and collaborate along the way.

Children are introduced to a fun ‘murder mystery’ in which they must use mathematics skills, and learn new ones, in order to work out ‘whodunit’. They are given 24 slips of information on the story. These include the lead up to finding King Ted and what he was doing before he died. Could it be Princess Prune, Bob the Robber, Lord Leek, or was he even killed at all?

Professor Garfield Forms of Media

Internet Safety with Professor Garfield - Forms of Media


ChoiceMap helps you make better decisions. It’s simple. A few easy steps clarify your priorities. Then ChoiceMap ranks your options by how well they meet your needs. Share an image of your results easily via text message, email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Create decisions from scratch, or tweak any template to match what you care about most.

Argubot Academy EDU

This GlassLab Games Exclusive edition of Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy is for institutions only. If you're a K-12 educational institution, you can sign up for GlassLab Games at

In this futuristic adventure game developed in collaboration with NASA and the National Writing Project, the year is 2054. At the first human city on Mars, citizens resolve their differences and make important decisions by sending robot assistants into battles of the wits. Players learn how to equip their Argubots with strong, valid arguments about the future of life on Mars as they find out if they have what it takes to lead a new 21st century civilization.


As the Captain of a new human settlement on Planet Braxos, shape the future of a new civilization while developing ethical reasoning skills. Quandary, the award-winning learning game, has landed on your mobile device!

Players find themselves immersed in a rich science-fiction narrative with a diverse set of characters and differing perspectives. When confronted by conflict, you must explore the many facts, solutions, and opinions to come up with solutions on the colony's behalf.

Showing Evidence Tool for iPad

The Showing Evidence app links to a free online tool where teachers can set up a project in which students must state a claim, provide evidence to support their claim, and rate the quality of their evidence. The mobile app allows students to add their thoughts to the project and makes it possible for teachers to monitor their students' work on the go.

Fallacies and Biases

Polemics Applications presents Fallacies & Biases. This is an app that contains quick reference information on formal fallacies, informal fallacies, and cognitive biases. You can use it as a reference and a learning tool - it contains flashcards and quizzes as well to help you memorize the terms.

Debate Chronicles Day 1

After a mysterious dream on his 16th birthday, Jess turns his world upside down looking for the truth of his own being. With an insurgent dread, he confronts the false realities around him, finding refuge only in Deleuzian postmodernism, and in a ferocious approach to debate that takes him to the nationals in Lincoln-Douglas debate.

But Jess' continued angst and dissatisfaction gets him transferred to an alternative high school. There he finds a debate coach who has passed through the same crises as Jess, along with friends who have a courageous openness for re-thinking their world. Energized by this unexpected convergence, Jess grabs the afforded opportunities and begins a bold quest to remake himself and his world. .

Big Picture Debates the Brain

How well do you know your own brain? This app presents students and learners with a series of stimulating debates on matters relating to the brain. The questions cover a wide range of issues: Is it ethical to use ‘smart drugs’? Should alcohol be illegal? Is technology damaging our brains? Should cannabis be legalised? Are humans superior to other animals? Should violent adolescents be locked away? Is being in love just a chemical reaction?

For each question, users can review the evidence, cast their vote and share their views with peers. An accompanying teacher's area provides suggestions for how the app can be used in the classroom and further references.

The Magic of Reality

Throughout history people all over the world have invented stories to answer profound questions such as these. Have you heard the tale of how the sun hatched out of an emu's egg? Or the great catfish that carries the world on its back? These fantastical myths are fun – but what is the real answer to such questions?

The Magic of Reality for iPad is a new and groundbreaking approach to interactive books, taking us on an enthralling journey through scientific reality, and showing that it has an awe-inspiring beauty and thrilling magic which far exceeds those of the ancient myths.