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Updated by Mark Gibbons on Nov 25, 2021
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5 Of the Most Common Locksmith Call-Outs

There are all manner of reasons that people may need to call a locksmith, from being locked out, to improving their home security. Some locksmith call-outs may be emergencies, whereas other situations don’t require such an urgent response time. Given that there are so many different reasons for calling a locksmith, it goes without saying that locksmiths need to have a wide range of skills.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most common situations that require calling a locksmith:


Getting locked out

People finding themselves locked out in a state of undress is a relatively common occurrence in film and television, or in nightmares, but you would be surprised at how common this situation really is. People often find themselves stuck when an automatically locking door is blown shut by the wind as they put some rubbish in the bin in their pyjamas. Getting locked out is never convenient; it may make you late, leave you soaking wet, or in some cases, rather embarrassed. However, if you find yourself locked out of your building, you can call a local locksmith that can get to you and help you back inside as quickly as possible.


Broken locks

Broken locks

If a lock is broken, for security reasons, it’s important to make sure it’s fixed as quickly as possible. Even if the door is within a flat or apartment block, or on a balcony door, you should always call a locksmith rather than risking leaving your property unattended. It’s quite common for burglars to target flat and apartment blocks where residents assume they are safe.


Replacement keys

It’s quite common for old keys to snap or bend in a lock, your first port of call should be a locksmith. Locksmiths can usually cut replacement keys in a matter of minutes and many will do this on the spot while you wait.


Lost keys

In some cases, if keys are lost, rather than a locksmith simply providing replacement keys, it can be best to change your locks altogether to ensure that your property is as secure as possible. For example, if your keys are stolen, a burglar may use your keys to gain entry to your home. However, in many cases, if keys are simply lost, locksmiths can simply get your locks re-keyed.


Locks in need of changing

There are a number of reasons that someone may need to change their locks, but it’s always best to call a professional locksmith. Common reasons for changing locks is when old locks are faulty, if your property has been broken into, or if you are looking to update your home security. Lock snapping has grown to be one of the most commonly used methods for burglars, so increasing numbers of people are calling locksmiths to replace their euro cylinders with anti-snap locks.