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Recently, I blogged about an online freelance site that brokered projects between buyers and providers. Things such as copywriting and loads of web development,design stuff. Then I found similar sites. I have put in a few bids within buyers proposed budget, yet my competitors bids for alot of those projects were incredibly low and made by what seem to be; factories of writers.

blankpaige: February 2006

My sister, an internationally renowned designer was commissioned to create a new flag for the modern Irish republic. The blankpaige can exclusively reveal (ahead of tonight's launch at Dublin Castle) the final flag design. The new flag is designed to work at several levels.

That Friday Feeling!

Via Conor just heard about this fantastic competition where a blogger could win a luxury self catering weekend worth €1175! Glengarriff Lodge are offering a luxury self catering weekend give-away at their self catering destination with a conscience. The Lodge is a luxury self-catering villa nestled in the ancient oak woods of Glengarriff, County Cork.

Tomorrow's Rainbow: 86-year old Japanese nun writes cell phone novel

Novels and poetry written, bought and read on cell phones are nothing unusual in mobile phone-crazy Japan. Now it came to light that Jakucho Setouchi, a 86-year old Buddhist nun has written a long-running cell phone novel series ( keitai shousetsu in Japanese) without disclosing her real name for several months.

Kierkegaard on the Art of Helping Others to Understand - SKMurphy, Inc.

Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) was a prolific and seminal Danish religious author who wrote using pseudonyms across a range of subjects. After his death "The Point of View for My Work as an Author" was published. Chapter A2 opens with a very useful prescription for effective sales.

Will the Arts lead the Web 2.0 Wave? - Digitalised Communications

The Arts Council ran a thought provoking conference yesterday in Dublin Castle entitled New Media New Audience.The attendees ranged from small theatrical organisations to service providers.It was positioned as a thought platform but the organisation went beyond that to a full scale programme with a variety of different experts.The arts sector has great potential to exploit the benefits and opportunities of online but there was a general initial reluctance due to lack of awareness of the tools, the size and nature of online audiences and concerns about artistic integrity.

Arts & New Media conference

I'm back from the one-day seminar held on the arts & new media at Dublin Castle, sponsored by the Arts Council. It was a lively day full of interesting discussion and presentation-- for me the best aspect was meeting others in the Irish blogging community, and hearing how various organisations in Ireland are utilising social...

The Cream Starts To Rise, Let the Voting Begin - Red Cardinal - Red Cardinal

The Irish Blog Awards are fast approaching. In fact Damien has just launched the voting form over on the awards site. Well done Damien. Whereas other Irish Internet-related awards have been much criticised (cough, cough), I think that the Blog Awards has every chance of being very transparent and highly credible.

John Waters, depression and sadness: Reactionary times...

Another week, another column from John Waters [sub req'd]. Now, I don't intend to make a habit of parsing his thoughts. I've got a few of my own on a range of other issues, from the bizarre introduction by Ed Moloney to the biography of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh to puritanism on the Left.


No apologies for over simplifying this : If you're in business you need computer systems to support your team. Systems to find previous dealings with a customer, systems to allow your team to work together, systems to stop people finding out things that they shouldn't.

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Had an interview with Newstalk this evening about another ComReg report with dishonest facts. Did this from home and then sped into town to go on the Fanning show on Radio1 at 1900 to talk about the Blog Awards along with Kieran Murphy.

Montenotte Photowalk

When: Saturday 26th of September at 10am. Where: Start at the Montenotte Hotel ( map), Cork and continue into town. Who: Me, you and anyone who likes taking photographs. So, next photowalk is on the 26th. It's a Saturday but this time it's early in the morning at 10am.

RTE repsond to complaints on #picturegate | Maman Poulet

RTE's Response to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission regarding complaints made about the original report and subsequent apology on #Picturegate. Too much to do at moment to comment and such myself but thought the many others interested could provide comment and their own posts on it. - From Bath to Cork with Baby Grace

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From Bath to Cork with Baby Grace :: What's happened to Mental Meanderings? - From Bath to Cork with Baby Grace :: January :: 2009

From Bath to Cork with Baby Grace :: January :: 2009 s team had agreed with this in September I said I was now wondering whether I could reduce any more of my dosage of any of the three medicines I take His response was to say that when someone - From Bath to Cork with Baby Grace :: From a seminar for psychiatrists in Limerick :: Novemb...

From Bath to Cork with Baby Grace :: From a seminar for psychiatrists in Limerick :: November :: 2008 yourself time every day for privacy quiet and introspection 28 If an especially unpleasant task faces you do it early in the day and get it over with 29 Learn to - From Bath to Cork with Baby Grace :: December :: 2010

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Nervous Tick Several years ago, I work for a publicly listed Irish company. This company knew every trick in the book and generally treated both their customers and their employees with utter contempt. Never one to let the truth get in the way of making money, they were a triumph of style over substance.

Its a pity i didn't make it myself as a finalist for the Photo Blog this year, but I will work hard for 2010. One thing that I would like to know, and I cant find in this site (perhaps you can send me a link to it?), is what should I do to win.