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Updated by Pallab Bagchi on Dec 12, 2015
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10 Best Humor and Interesting Articles I Read Today - 12-12-2015

Everyday I travel interesting Internet world. Some time find and read funny and humor articles. I share my today's...

10 Lazy People Who are Trying the Best they Can

Being lazy is a universal human trait. Nearly everyone wakes up on Monday morning and wonders how they can fast forward time till the weekend by just laying in bed. A lot of laziness stems from job dissatisfaction and monotony. Being demotivated makes perfect sense because the prospects ahead seem so weak.

In these 10 Scenes, the Stars Wars Actually Wasted During Filming!

Entertainment You were probably thrilled by their performances on the screen. It just could not occur to you that they probably were not normal while the scenes were being filmed, given their performances. In fact they were wasted during that time.

10 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Beyonce

Beyonce is one of the iconic entertainers in this generation. In a short time, this celebrity gained fame. She is not only a singer-songwriter, but also an actress. This multi talented person started showing her talent at the age of 8. Beyonce became famous as the lead singer of their band "Destiny's Child."

20 Images of Celebrities that Look Like Food

What is more entertaining than a celebrity or historical figure? We'll tell you what - a celebrity/historical figure that looks like food. Or we guess we should say food that looks like a celebrity/historical figure. Who needs to read about Jessica Alba when you can just snack on something that looks exactly like her?

10 Celebrity Kids Who are Really Stylish

Celebrities lives very interesting and luxurious life. The lifestyle of the stars is a matter of curiosity of the people. The fans are always curious about what celebrities does, what they wears and where they goes. When a celebrity fall in love or marry, It's a news of excitement for the fans.

20 Celebrity Memes that Broke the Internet

On the internet, all it takes is one humorous or outrageous image, video or statement and almost instantly, hilarious memes begin popping up out of thin air! In fact, thousands of celebrity memes are made each and every day, but only the craziest ones start trending and go viral.

The 10 Most Luminous and Beautiful Swedish Models

Sweden is a country is where having a huge amount of newcomer from Africa and also Middle East. Swedish women are so lovely, friendly in the world, even they are simply open up to the outsider and also admired their skill to crash up an important debate.

10 Highest Earning Films Directed by Women - You Mightn't Know

In all the aspects of work women have contributed well by keeping pace with the men, in every sectors like science, acting, playing different sports, and even in governmental jobs women have performed astonishingly well, so why not in direction?

What The Hell Was She Thinking?! : Beautiful Mexican Woman Transformed Herself Into A Living Horror!

Image Credit: Imagine you are walking on a solitary street in a quiet evening. There had been a rain earlier, and the street and the walls and trees are still wet. It smelling like the dry earth wetted with rain water. It's quite peaceful and scary since you are passing by a lonely cemetery, ...

Few Strategy That Helped Kim Kardashian to Maximize Earning - New Comers Should Know

Celebrity across the world earning a lot by their various quality among them few are earning by their mind blowing planning and strategy. Kim Kardashian who earning by her creative strategy that may have not seen yet.